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ZoonFamily Wireless Dog Fence Review 2024

Zoonfamily Wireless Dog Fence Review.


  • Significantly less expensive than similar products on the market. Best wireless dog fence if you’re looking for something low-cost yet effective.
  • While it’s not a GPS dog fence unit, the fact that there are no wires makes for an incredibly easy installation. The fence can be up and running with a few button presses. This along with its relatively small size makes it conveniently portable too.
  • Long-range transmitter makes for a wide coverage area. And unlike other wireless dog fence models with the same range, ZoonFamily invisible dog fences do not need to use GPS to project their containment area that far. This makes it more accurate and able to project smaller containment zones.
  • User-friendly LED screen allows for precise signal strength control. Highly adjustable with 50 different degrees of signal intensity, to help overcome obstructions while maintaining power efficiency.
  • Great for multiple dogs. The device supports up to three additional collars.


  • Included accessories may not be enough if you plan to use the fence over a wide area. There are 20 boundary line flags included in the package, but this may not be enough if you intend to cover an area at or near the maximum limit.
  • Not as fleshed out in terms of features as most of the best wireless dog fences. Bigger names in the wireless electric dog fence market have more quality-of-life inclusions.

Pet owners usually want the best for their beloved furry friends, but not everyone can shell out large amounts of cash to get top-of-the-line stuff like premium dog food or the best invisible dog fence out there. The invisible electric dog fence system was invented partly to dodge the often steep costs of erecting a competent wooden or metal fence, but that’s not to say it’s cheap either. This is why there are affordable wireless fences like ZoonFamily that can give you all of the benefits of your average invisible fence, even if you’re on a budget. However, you may be wondering what the catch is. In this review, I dug deeper to look at how this wireless pet containment system measures up.

Key Features of ZoonFamily Wireless Dog Fence Reviews

Completely Wireless

The foremost feature of this invisible dog fence is the fact that it operates completely wirelessly, without having to rely on underground wiring. You just have to plug it in at a central location, input your desired radius, and your furry friend will be safely contained within your property.

And unlike with an in ground fence, this ease of setup also means that it also serves exceptionally well as a portable wireless containment system. You can bring it along on camping trips and such to keep your canine friend from straying too far.

Exceptional Range

Unlike most fully wireless dog fences, the ZoonFamily is capable of establishing containment with a radius of up to 500 meters. This covers 78 hectares. Other wireless dog fences that offer this kind of range have to use GPS.

Fences like these introduce more interference errors and usually do not support spaces smaller than 100 square feet. The ZoonFamily pet wireless fence system preserves size compatibility by simply making use of a long-range wireless transmitter.

Fine Area Control

Another thing that sets the ZoonFamily wireless fence apart is its fine area control. Its containment system comes with 50 levels of transmitter intensity for better fine-tuning between power consumption and signal strength.

Increasing signal strength has more uses than just range. If you intend to deploy the fence somewhere with a lot of obstructions, you’d need to pump a little more power into the transmitter to ensure that it maintains its connection with the collar receiver.

Full-Featured Collar

The receiver collar comes with an inbuilt high capacity rechargeable battery. Battery life is extensive and can charge from a USB port in a little over 2 hours, but the unfortunate thing is you can’t detach the battery, so no replacing it on the fly.

But not having to use external batteries means that operation won’t get disrupted by the batteries getting shaken out when your dog gets a little too rowdy. The shock contact points are fitted with silica gel guards to make the collar more comfortable to wear around the dog’s neck. The collar is also adjustable and trimmable.

Harmless Mode

It’s well-discussed at this point that “shock collar” is a bit of a misnomer, since a static correction tends to deliver only a small amount of electric charge. But it can still be jarring or border on painful for particularly sensitive or small dogs.

ZoonFamily’s wireless pet fence system comes with a “harmless mode”, which makes use of only the beeping and replaces the static correction with a vibration. This could be a great way to train your dog with the wireless fence, starting them out with vibrations and stern warnings, and then working up to static corrections when their education needs a bit more reinforcement.

Safety Focus

The static emitted by the collar only comes up to around 3 to 7 volts, ensuring that there is very little pain experienced, if at all, and that there is absolutely no lasting damage to your dog’s body. Static is only delivered after the warning beep sounds thrice.

These beeps come in 2-second intervals, which should give your pet ample time to get back in the safe zone and avoid the static correction, which ramps up in intensity with each cycle. To be extra safe, the static corrections are only deployed for a maximum of three times before the collar defaults to beeping and vibrating, in order to prevent excessive punishment.

Waterproof and Weatherproof

The ZoonFamily rechargeable collar is a bit hardier than most invisible dog fence collars, waterproof to up to 1 meter for 30 minutes thanks to its IP67 material. Particularly handy if your dog likes to swim. While it won’t have very good chances of staying operational if your dog prefers deeper waters [1], it can stand up to rain, snow, and moderate winds just fine.

Is this the right choice for you?

Zoonfamily Wireless Dog Fence.

If you’re one of the dog owners who hates the prospect of burying wires and going through a whole setup process to get your wireless electric dog fence to work, then I highly suggest a fully wireless system like this one.

ZoonFamily is also a lot more inexpensive than other fully wireless fence systems at $88, contrasted to similar products that go for around $200 or high-end products like the Halo. That’s a solid deal if you consider its range.

Although it doesn’t have too many special features, the ZoonFamily wireless fence can still competently stand up to other wireless dog fence systems in terms of basic features.

It’s got an all-weather, waterproof collar that can keep a dog contained for up to half a kilometer (a third of a mile) away. It gives the dog ample warning before deploying the shock, and to prevent unsafe malfunctions, the static shock stops after 3 unsuccessful tries to keep the dog contained.

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