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Why Cover Dog Crate With Blanket (Pros And Cons)

Key Takeaways

  • There are many reasons why covering a dog crate with blanket can be beneficial to dogs. Generally, this is to limit your dog’s view of outside so he can relax better. However, an official dog crate cover is the better option.
  • Recreating a den-like room, a covered crate promotes a safe and secure private space for your dog.
  • Depending on the weather in your area and the temperature in your house, make sure to use the right type of material to cover a dog crate so your dog won’t be too hot or too cold.

Dogs use their crates to feel safe and secure, but why cover dog crate with blanket? Since your dog’s view is limited inside a covered crate, he can’t be distracted by any visual provocation, thereby reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation. This is especially helpful for easily excitable dogs.

This is one of the reasons why I put my dogs in crate rest when they need to recover their health. Covering their crate with a blanket can help them feel even more at ease. The blanket will also reduce the amount of light that comes in and make it easier for them to adjust to the darkness. For me, however, I like using actual commercial crate cover than just blankets as these are made with the proper material for my dog’s comfort. But if your blanket is the right material and your dog likes his crate covered, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Putting a blanket over dog crates can also help with separation anxiety. For example, your dog may feel anxious when you leave for work or go on vacation because their crate is at home, and they want to remain there with you.

What is the Best Way to Cover a Dog Crate?

When caring for a dog, it is essential to have the best dog crate available. The right way to cover a dog crate, especially a wire dog crate, is by using official pet crate covers. A blanket or a towel may be too hot for dogs and may end up being a nuisance as Fido might chew on the extra hanging fabric. They allow the pet to feel enclosed while blocking out light and sound. Dogs should be kept in a safe, secure area when left alone. A blanket or towel covering their crate will help them feel less anxious.

Is it Okay to Cover the Dog’s Crate with a Blanket?

The dog’s crate is where the dog should feel safe and secure. It is a place where the dog can rest, eat, and sleep. It is also where the dog can feel protected from any outside threats.

There are many reasons why an owner might want a dog crate cover using a blanket. One might be for extra warmth in cold weather or to make the crate more comfortable for their pet when it goes in there for its naps.

Why cover dog crate with blanket | The Pampered Pup

Another reason could be that it gives the owner peace of mind knowing that their pet is not exposed to any drafts or other possible dangers while they are away from home.

The blanket may also provide some privacy for your pet when they go into their crate to take care of business on their own time.

What is the Right Size of Blanket to Cover the Crate?

Various blankets. | The Pampered Pup

The answer to this question varies depending on the type of crate you have.

A crate is a type of container, usually made of wood or metal (see our review for the best heavy-duty dog crate), used for storage or shipping goods. They can be large or small and are often used for cargo ships and railcars. Crates come in all shapes and sizes, and the size of the blanket will depend on the size of your crate.

The best way to find out what size blanket you need is to measure your crate first, then measure your blanket as well as you can with a measuring tape. If you are not able to find this information online, contact the manufacturer for more information about their product specifications.

What are the Benefits of Covering your Dog’s Crate with a Blanket?

  • Blankets provide warmth and comfort to your dog. They also provide a sense of security, which is necessary for dogs who are nervous or anxious. This is especially important if they have been having trouble sleeping lately.
  • Blankets can be used to cover your dog’s crate during the night so that your dog can sleep in a dark and cozy environment.
  • Blankets can help reduce noise from other sources like the TV or neighbors.
  • It can also protect the dog from the elements and also keep them cool. Wire crates can especially be too open.
  • Crate covers improve the look of an unattractive wire crate.

What Are the Disadvantages of Covering a Dog’s Crate with a Blanket?

  • Blankets can be a tempting option for dog owners because they are warm and cozy. But blankets can pose some risks for the dog.
  • Blankets can cause the dog to overheat. This is especially true during the hot summer months especially if your dog has a thicker coat and is stuck in an enclosed space.
  • Blankets may also be mistaken by a dog as a chew toy which he could get tangled up in if they can reach it through the crate. Knit blankets are especially prone to this.
  • The blanket may also become dirty and present an increased risk of infection. You can avoid this if you clean the blanket regularly.

How Does a Blanket Cover Help My Dog Feel More Comfortable in the Crate?

Before you even think of covers, make sure you get a comfortable crate first. SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate is a good option when it comes to comfort for pups. Don’t forget about crate training—even an adult dog. A properly trained dog considers the crate as his personal safe space where he can relax. Moreover, a dog’s crate helps with potty training young puppies too.

A cover can provide a sense of privacy and comfort to your dog. It can also help them feel more secure when they are in their crate or at night. You can find various types of fabric crate covers for dogs.

A blanket cover can be used as a way to create a den-like environment for your dog, which will make them feel more safe and relaxed [1]. Try a partially covered crate first if Fido likes it. This is especially useful if your dog is prone to nervous behavior or other types of anxiety. 

It can also help to keep them warm in the winter months. Just be sure to watch for the possibilities of your dog overheating if you are planning to use a blanket cover for the summer to help keep your dog safe from heatstroke. If the weather is too hot, an uncovered crate may be a better option.


Should a dog’s crate be covered?

The answer to this question is entirely dependent on the dog’s individual needs. Some dogs sleep well in even if you leave the crate uncovered, while others are more comfortable with a cover. It is important to know your dog and its preferences before deciding whether or not you should use a cover for its crate.

How do you get a dog used to a covered crate?

A covered crate is a good solution for dogs who are uncomfortable with feeling closed in. Dogs that are not used to being in a covered crate will be anxious and may start to panic when they cannot see what is happening outside the crate. The first step in getting a dog used to a covered crate is introducing it gradually. Introduce them to the crate by placing it near them and letting them explore it.

Is it safe to cover a dog’s crate?

Dogs are naturally anxious animals. Their anxiety is usually calmed by their inability to see what’s happening outside their crate. While some pet owners like to provide a blanket or pillow for the dog to rest on, some risks are present. These risks include the pet chewing up the blanket and getting tangled up in it, leading to injury.

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