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What Countries Eat Dogs? 17 Places And Why They Do It

As dog owners, we cannot possibly imagine anyone ever eating a dog. It is inconceivable for someone to look into the eyes of a beautiful dog and think about dinner. 

Unfortunately, in some areas of the world, people farm, steal and brutally kill dogs for the consumption of their meat. Right now, seventeen countries in the world consume dog meat regularly. 

In countries like North Korea, China, and Vietnam, dogs are eaten daily. Dogs are farmed for the sole purpose of their meat. What seems horrifying to most of the world is quite acceptable in these countries. 

In North America, great efforts are being made to stop the slaughter of these beloved creatures. The Humane Society International is doing its part to shut down the dog meat trade. 

We want to expose those countries that still allow this barbaric practice. Read the following to learn more about the countries that consume meat regularly and why. 

Countries That Consume Dog Meat 

Below, you will find a list of countries that regularly engage in the consumption of dog meat. These are listed in alphabet order for your convenience. 

1. Cameroon

If you research Cameroon and its dog-eating culture, you may be left with more questions than answers. In this country, dog meat is referred to as 404. It is eaten regularly for rituals and other surprising reasons. 

The people of Cameroon believe dog meat helps with their libido. They also believe it to be a healthy food choice. 

2. China

China is, by far, the largest dog meat consumer in the world. Each year, ten to twenty million dogs are slaughtered for their meat in China. It is perfectly legal to consume dogs in this country. There are no regulations in place for farming, slaughtering, or consuming dogs. 

Dogs being farmed for their meat never receive vaccinations or puppy shots, and most of them live in very poor conditions. Often, dogs develop a wide array of diseases. Those who consume this meat may become very ill. 

Hanging chili peppers. | The Pampered Pup

The consumption of dog meat has caused outbreaks of canine parasitic Trichinella in China. Despite these outbreaks, dog meat consumption continues. 

The custom of eating dogs in China has gone on for thousands of years. In Northern China, they believe eating dog meat brings warmth to the body. China, as a whole, believes dog meat holds medicinal properties. 

When visiting South China, you will find dog meat is even more plentiful. It is readily available and proudly listed on the menu of most restaurants. 

Throughout China, dogs are bred specifically to be slaughtered and eaten. Even pet dogs are stolen and slaughtered for their meat. 

China is also home to the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. This is the most horrific of China’s practices. During this festival, dogs are boiled or burned alive. Dogs are even clubbed or beaten to death. 

Chinese people believe the release of adrenaline when the dog is in pain or fear makes its meat taste better. The torture of these precious animals must be stopped!

3. The Democratic Republic of the Congo

In this African country, consuming dogs is not banned. Dog meat consumption is also not considered taboo. In the past, testing has confirmed as many as 156 dogs carried the Ebola Virus. 

The Ebola virus kills up to 90% of the people who get it, and the virus is transmitted by eating infected dog meat. Despite this information, dogs are still consumed widely. 

4. Ghana

Ghana is another African country that consumes dogs. For many tribes in Ghana, dog meat is considered a delicacy. 

Ghana also regularly holds tribal competitions. Dogs are hunted and consumed, with the winning tribe being awarded the head of the dog as a trophy. 

Some tribes also incorporate dog meat into their rituals. This meal is known as courtship stew and is served when a royal couple is getting married. This is supplied for the royal lineage of a king. 

5. India

Although the country has banned the slaughter and consumption of dogs. Each year, 30,000 dogs go missing. Many of these are stolen, slaughtered, and consumed. 

Regrettably, this practice is most common in the Nagaland area of the country. This area of India believes dog meat is highly nutritional and has medicinal properties. Here, there is also a festival that is celebrated in the same way as the horrible China festival. 

6. Indonesia

In several countries in Indonesia, dog meat is eaten. Bali is one of the top consumers of dog meat. Each year, 60,000 to 70,000 dogs are killed for their meat. 

Despite the widespread concern of dog meat causing the spread of rabies, this meat continues to be sought by Bali citizens. 

In 2017 explosive journalistic expose, investigators discovered many tourists visiting Bali were served dog meat and told it was another kind of meat, such as beef. 

7. Morocco

In the country of Morocco, dog meat is primarily eaten by poor citizens. Islamic law in Morocco bans the selling and eating of all dog meat. Despite this law, dog meat is often sold and disguised as other meat. 

8. Nigeria

Nigeria is another country where dog meat is eaten regularly. In this country, dog meat is believed to have strong medicinal properties. Nigerians all over the country regularly consume dog meat because of this belief. 

Dog meat consumption has increased dramatically since a Nigerian newspaper reported it was a much safer alternative to bushmeat, which often carries the Ebola virus. 

Reports are coming in that show the vast number of people who have died after eating rabies-infected dog meat. Though these reports continue to be released, dog meat consumption keeps rising. 

9. North Korea

The country of Korea has long been known to eat dog meat. This practice continues in both North and South Korea. 

Dog meat is believed to help people increase their stamina, which is one of the reasons consumption rises during the summer months. 

The consumption of dog meat is so common in North Korea, the country has added it to its list of fixed prices, which means dog meat prices are controlled by the government. Read this shocking article on recent developments regarding dog meat consumption in North Korea [1]

10. The Philippines

Dog meat consumption is so popular in the Philippines that it is the third most-consumed meat in the country. It falls third to goat and pig. In the Philippines, dog meat is consumed more than beef. 

11. Polynesia (Kingdom of Tonga)

While dog meat was once widely consumed in Polynesian islands, this practice has mostly been eradicated. In the small island of the Kingdom of Tonga, eating dog meat remains a consistent practice. 

People who once lived in the Kingdom of Tonga report dog eaters remain. It is hoped this practice will one day be eradicated like in other Polynesian islands. 

12. South Korea

As mentioned above, South Korea is also a country that consumes dogs. Up to one million dogs are eaten in this country each year. 

Wooden chopsticks. | The Pampered Pup

It has been reported there are at least 3,000 dog farms located in South Korea. South Korea, according to the Humane Society International, is the top country for the farming of dog meat [2].  

Despite the thousands of dog meat farms scattered throughout the country, The Korean Observer has reported the demand for dog meat extends well beyond what is being produced. Regularly, there are reports of stolen family pets being murdered and consumed. 

South Koreans have their preferences when it comes to dog meat. They prefer breeds like Cocker Spaniels, Labradors, and Golden Retrievers. 

Dog lovers around the world are especially shocked at the practices of South Koreans. In this country, dogs are tortured, beaten, hanged to death, and burned because it is believed if they die in torture, the meat will be more tender. 

13. Switzerland

Switzerland has forbidden the slaughtering of dogs for commercial meat. Unfortunately, it is entirely legal to raise your own dogs for slaughter and consumption. 

Many of the poor in Switzerland raise dogs to slaughter and consume because the meat is much cheaper. One of the most popular cooked dog meat dishes in the country is Mostbröckli, which is dog meat that has been marinated. 

14. Timor-Leste

In Timor-Leste, it is highly popular to consume dog meat. In fact, a dog is considered a delicacy. Because this country is so poor, dog meat is one of the few meat sources that are inexpensive and easy to obtain. 

15. Thailand

In much of Thailand, dog meat consumption is considered a normal part of the culture. Because of this, the country runs a highly profitable meat trade. This trade has come to the attention of many advocates across the world. 

Many of the dogs that are beaten and consumed in the country were once beloved pets of its citizens. Due to the horrific treatment of dogs in the country, advocates are fighting against the consumption of dog meat in Thailand, and we hope their fight is successful! 

16. Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is another country that consumes dog meat. Although consumption is much less common than in some other countries, citizens in Uzbekistan believe dog meat is medicinal. 

17. Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the top consumers of dog meat in the world. Here, around five million dogs are slaughtered and eaten each year. There are no laws in the country that stop this meat trade. 

Close to 80% of Vietnam citizens report eating dog meat to be a normal and acceptable practice. Eating dog meat is believed to increase libido in men and bring good luck. 

FAQ About Eating Dog Meat

This is a truly difficult subject matter to swallow, and we know you likely have further questions. The following are some of the frequently asked questions regarding countries that eat dogs. 

1. What countries eat the most dog?

China is the top country that consumes dogs, followed by Vietnam. Both of these countries slaughter millions of dogs each year. In addition to the horror of eating these animals, both countries also torture them. 

2. What does a dog taste like?

Dog meat is fatty red meat. Those who have eaten it say it tastes like a cross between beef and mutton, with an extra meaty flavor. Some say dog meat tastes better than Kobe beef. 

3. Do they eat cats and dogs in Switzerland?

While the slaughter and sale of dog and cat meat are not permitted by law, there are no laws that prevent citizens from eating their own animals. Some people do consume both dogs and cats in the country. 

4. What is dog meat called in Nigeria?

Believe it or not, dog meat in Nigeria is called 404. It is named after the highly popular French-built pick-up van. It makes you wonder why they would name this meat after a vehicle! 

Get Involved in Fighting for Dogs

This has been a difficult subject matter to report on, but it is one that needs to be known all over the world. As dog lovers, we must unite and fight for these voiceless and innocent animals. Reach out to the Human Society International and other groups, and see what you can do to help!

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