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We Feed Raw vs. The Farmer’s Dog Comparison


We Feed Raw

Great for:

  • Customers who desire to feed their pets the traditional, and more natural wet animal diet
  • Quality solutions to pet feeding and nutrition challenges
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The Farmer’s Dog

Great for:

  • Freshly cooked human-grade meals
  • Certified pet food safety 

A critical point is that We Feed Raw and The Farmer’s Dog both utilize high-quality ingredients in their meal products making them two of the best fresh dog food and best dog food delivery service brands today. Far from how a commercial dog food is processed, these brands’ sourced ingredients are from freshly slaughtered animals, like meats, with minimal to no refrigeration of these ingredients. These two brands are great examples of the raw vs fresh dog food debate. What I’m most impressed about is that both companies are AAFCO compliant, even going beyond the guidelines by employing highly competent and certified doctors, vets, and Ph.D. specialists in their teams of food design and preparation experts. But I warn you, the superb level of quality and service offered, naturally, comes at a relatively high cost. Nevertheless, I think it is a worthy option to any pet lover who believes in the need to have quality nutritional choices to ensure their pets’ long life unencumbered with diseases or avoidable lifestyle disabilities. Continue reading my review of the features of these fresh dog food companies below to help you decide which one to get.

We Feed Raw Key Features


Food Ingredients and Meals

We Feed Raw utilize raw meat choices in their meal products. The meat choices range from beef, turkey, chicken, venison, and duck, to lamb. All meats used are human-grade thus safe for both human and animal consumption. The fowl meats are sourced from U.S. farms, while venison and lamb come from grass-fed, grass-finished, and pasture-raised stock from New Zealand. They add no flavor, artificial colors, preservatives, or fillers to the meat and comply with BRC food manufacturing standards. 

Quality and Safety

We Feed Raw prepares its meals by the cold pressure system that kills all microbes without affecting the integrity of the nutrients. The meats are then frozen and placed in thermal insulating packages. They need only be thawed to be consumed.

Diverse Meal Options

We Feed Raw provides a mineral and high-quality vitamin premix. They include edible bones sourced from constituent meat sources in various meal patties. Further, they encourage pet owners to supplement the dog’s diet with required amounts of pureed greens, phytoplankton, omega-3 or fish oil, and so on.

Ordering and Delivery

We Feed Raw requires owners to complete an initial information fill-out questionnaire that determines their needs. It captures relevant data regarding the breed, weight, number, and desired needs of the owner’s dog(s). This information is useful in determining the quantity of raw dog food needed and in what sizes and/or packaging they will come in. We Feed Raw ships to the 48 contiguous states for free. It also offers one-time or subscription-based plans. Deliveries are made to the owner’s doorstep and combined with the respective coolers, insulation packs, and vehicle refrigeration, the meal deliveries are viable for at least ten hours.


We Feed Raw offers a four-week trial box, with meal packages in three box sizes of 30lb increments. The cheapest option costs $99, with $50 differences per box sizes. The meats come in 5lb units, with chicken and beef patty recipes costing $32.99 and venison, lamb, duck, and turkey patty recipes being $37.99 per unit. Cancellation of a prescription and refund is possible, provided the customer does so before Sunday at 8 p.m. before their order is shipped out.

The Farmer’s Dog Key Features

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The Farmer’s Dog food are kept under refrigeration without any deep freezing. The meals are prepared with minimal processing and heating to preserve ingredient integrity, ensuring the pets can benefit the most from them. The company has teams of highly qualified veterinary and animal nutrition specialists intimately involved in designing the meal plans and preparation while abiding by AAFCO stipulations—ingredients are basically human grade. Farmer’s Dog kitchens adhere to USDA safety and quality standards, further increasing the degree of care for fresh food preparation.


The Farmer’s Dog meals are made optimal by working with owners to consider factors such as allergies, sensitivities, ideal weight, activity level, age, and breed. Owners are also encouraged to include their vets in the meal process.


The Farmer’s Dog meal pricing plans are dependent on the factors captured in their fill-out questionnaire in designing the pet’s meal plan. As such, the number of pets, breed, size, desired weight, allergies, and so on will influence the price. Owners are started on two weeks’ worth of daily trial meals, the cheapest being $2 a day. Upon subscribing, customers get a 20% discount and can opt out if dissatisfied with the meals. In that case, The Farmer’s Dog offers a full refund if the client donates the remaining meals to an animal shelter.

Overview of Each Product

We Feed Raw is a company that offers raw meat meal plans for pets with the guiding principle that an animal’s best diet is the one closest to its traditional and ancestral one [1]. The meats are sourced from two locations; fowl meats, chicken, duck, and turkey, are from local U.S. farms, while venison and lamb are grass-fed from New Zealand farms. Meals are packaged in units, the least costing $32.99, and owners must purchase enough to fill a box. Meats are cold-pressured to kill bacteria while preserving nutrient integrity, frozen, and transported refrigerated. The meats only require thawing to make them ready for pet consumption. Each meal includes a premix of multivitamins and can be supplemented with fish oil, omega-3, or prebiotic additions.


Choose We Feed Raw If

Cost is not a determining factor. We Feed Raw is the costlier of the two options, but their meals stick to an animal’s traditional diet. Raw food diets have been shown to have good results regarding the animal’s health, liveliness, coat-shine, and so on.

The Farmer’s Dog believes that pet meals should be fresh and balanced in ingredients to provide animals with the best nutrition. This is also why they add The Farmer’s Dog nutrient blend. Their meals are cooked well but lightly enough to preserve nutrient integrity and with an assortment of meat and vegetable ingredients. With The Farmer’s dog, you are not just feeding fresh food, the meals are also highly customizable to cater to various dogs and their owners’ interests. The time between meal preparation and delivery is a few days, with a reliance on refrigeration only, for preserving the meals. The Farmer’s Dog adheres to the strictest AAFCO standards and maintains a zero-additive principle in all its products.

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Choose The Farmer’s Dog If

You prefer high recipe customization to cater to the larger majority of pet owners as well as the goodness of homemade dog food style diet. It is also suited to most pets’ omnivorous diets and has the added advantage of only needing refrigeration to preserve the food. Ultimately, considering these factors will endear pet owners to either one of these companies.

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