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Wagz Review: I Field Tested The Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar — See How It Performed in 2024

I’m used to feeling shocked. After all, I test a lot of invisible dog fence collars.

But I didn’t expect to be shocked by the low price tag on the Wagz Freedom Collar.

Not only is the Wagz priced better than its competitors, it’s also the only shock-free GPS dog fence on the market. Which was great news for me—I could use the break.

But is the Wagz Freedom Collar the right choice for your dog?

If you need a GPS dog fence that reliably alerts your dog and keeps them safe inside a defined boundary, then check out the SpotOn. It’s the only GPS dog fence I’ve tested that is accurate enough to get the job done.

Although the Wagz has geofencing capabilities and will alert your dog when they’ve strayed too far from the boundary line, it failed to consistently hold the line during my field test. However, you can still use the Wagz to boundary train your dog—and I think it was a smart choice for them to design a shock-free collar.

The Wagz also comes with a few extra features: GPS tracking and activity monitoring. Pet parents can use it to track their dog’s walks, number of steps, and sleep—so it’s pretty useful!

And the price is hard to beat. At the time of filming, the Wagz was over $1,000 cheaper than the SpotOn.

Make that price even better by using my link below—make sure to apply coupon code PAMPEREDPUP15.


Setting up the wagz freedom smart collar

Wagz Freedom Collar box
Wagz with battery and charger block.

General Product Details

Item Weight50 grams/ 1.7 oz
Item Dimensions2.375” wide x 2” high x 1.5” deep including the clip
Battery Life12-24 hours for mostly indoor pups, 6-12 hours for medium activity pups, 4-6 hours for active outdoor pups
Water ResistanceIP-67 rating
GPS CoverageGPS, GLONASS, Galileo
Communication NetworksLTE Cat M1, Wi-Fi (2.4gHz networks), Bluetooth
Compatible SmartphonesApple iOS 13.4 and later / Android 6 and later
Pet Location AccuracyWithin 10-15 feet
Recommended Dog Size15 lbs. and larger



Virtual Fence Technical Details

Maximum Number of Virtual FencesVariable*
Recommended Property Area1/2 acre or larger
Minimum or Maximum Fence AreaNo pre-programmed minimum or maximum size
Recommended Minimum Fence size40' x 40'
Minimum Recommended Distance to keep between Fence Borderline and Road15 feet

*The total number of allowable geofences is based on a combination of the total number of “points” designated within a geofence, the size of the geofences, and the number of dogs assigned to each geofence.

Download the app and create an account to set up your Wagz Freedom Smart collar and get started. You’ll need to sync your collar with the app and then connect to WiFi.

Most likely, you’ll need to download the latest software updates. Then it will prompt you to add a pet, upload their photo, and input their name—as well as add their breed, gender, and any other data that’s relevant to your pup.

The Wagz app calculates your dog’s happiness and health and gives you a score. I’m not sure what information they use to calculate the score, but I’m guessing it’s some combination of breed, weight, and height. They even ask you to characterize your dog’s temperament by choosing personality traits from an extensive checklist, which I found pretty fun!

The entire process took me about 10 or 15 minutes and once it was set up, I was ready to create my first fence.


Creating Fences

GPS collar reviewer Zach Lovatt showing a screenshot of the Wagz App where the user can create new geofence using a map.

In order to use the Wagz app to create a geofence, tap your phone to drop posts and create a perimeter. You can then tap and drag the fence posts if you need to make any changes. Make sure that your geofence is active, as well as that your dog’s collar has geofencing turned on.

GPS collar reviewer Zach Lovatt performing a boundary test using the Wagz Freedom Smart Dog collar.

During testing, the Wagz seemed to be a bit slow with location updates—so the collar wouldn’t always issue an alert when it left the perimeter of the boundary.

This could have been due to a weak cellular signal, as Wagz does mention on their website that weak signals can cause issues.

Keep in mind that I was 7 miles from downtown Boston when I conducted my testing—or about a 13-minute drive without traffic (there’s always traffic). So, this is a fairly populated area.

Because I was also curious whether the overcast sky had impacted the performance of the GPS signal, I went back on a clear day to test the Wagz, side-by-side, with two competitors: the SpotOn collar and the Halo collar.

But I’ll be honest—I didn’t see that much of a difference.

Training Your Dog

With patience and the proper technique, you can still use the Wagz to boundary train your dog and use the geofences. If they wander too far, the Wagz will alert them—there just might be a delay. But at least it won’t shock your dog without warning (like some of the other GPS dog fences I’ve used).

Is This The Right Choice For You?

Benefits or no benefits, it’s important to remember that the Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar may not be suitable for every pet owner or dog. You should only use the Wagz if you have a significant level of comfort leaving your dog outside without a traditional fence. Because some dogs will ignore the gentle correction that this collar provides, you may want to consider other options.


Otherwise, the Wagz is great for tracking your dog’s location and monitoring their activity. It even keeps them illuminated at night (thanks to its LED safety light).

However, another really great thing about Wagz Freedom Collar that’s hard to beat is that it will save you about $1,000 compared to the SpotOn, and it brings a lot to the table for pet parents.

But if what you really want is a relentlessly reliable GPS dog fence, I’d urge you to check out the SpotOn.

In the event that you decide to purchase the Wagz, just remember to use my link below to apply an exclusive discount for our readers.


If you’re still deciding whether or not the Wagz is the right choice for you, check out our Wagz Freedom Collar vs Halo Collar comparison and our Wagz Freedom Collar vs SpotOn Virtual Fence comparison.

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