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Wagz Freedom Collar vs. SpotOn GPS Fence Comparison

Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar


Great for:

  • Shock-free humane corrections using sound and vibration
  • Virtual fences that you can set up and customize from your phone
  • Real-time activity and wellness tracking available to you

SpotOn Virtual Fence


Great for:

  • Users who need a fully portable system for use at home or on the go and for hunting/tracking events 
  • Rechargeable and allows up to 18 hours of confinement
  • Users who need reliable boundaries when their dog is out of sight

When you buy one of the best GPS dog fences with collar, you’re giving your dog extra freedom while keeping him or her safe. You can easily keep track of your pet’s location, as well as avoid the hazards that come with being out loose. There is no question that these systems are helpful, but determining which one is best will be another issue that depends on your goals.

Two names come up in search results very frequently. The Wagz Freedom Collar and SpotOn Virtual Fence systems are these options, with each boasting an impressive set of features. If you take a closer look at these products, you’ll be in a better position to decide which is the best and make sure you get the most from the product.

Key Features of the Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar 


Fully Customizable Geofences

You can create the geofences that you need to confine your dog within seconds using your smartphone. Corrections with a strength level that you set will keep the dog within the geofence. Being able to set keep out zones will keep your dog away from prohibited areas that are unsafe or otherwise a good idea for your dog to stay away from.

Activity and Wellness Tracking

Real-time information about when your dog is active or resting is readily available with this system. The system’s Health & Happiness Score uses the dog’s breed, exercise, and sleep time to manage your dog’s health and wellness effectively.

Humane, Shock-Free Corrections

Many owners are leery of using shocks to correct their dogs, and this is shock-free. Ultrasonic sounds, audio cues, and vibration work separately or together to deliver humane corrections. These corrections are in use whenever you have activated a geofence and will usually keep your dog from crossing over the boundary.

Fitness Mapping

This system tracks the duration, distance, and route of all your activities. Hikes, runs, and walks are all easy for you to track to meet the goals for your dog. If you are also tracking your physical fitness when exercising with your dog, this feature is a helpful tool.

Accurate, Always-Connected GPS Tracking

This collar helps you quickly locate your dog within ten feet. Owners enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they can correct their dog for wandering attempts. GPS is one of the most accurate types of technology for keeping your dog confined. 

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Key Features of the SpotOn GPS Fence


Fully Customizable

Easily set up as many as 1,500 fence posts to perfectly suit your property. Your boundaries may encompass any size or shape. The sizes may range from half an acre to thousands of acres, making this system ideal for large farms and ranches, and suburban yards. SpotOn uses two audible tones plus and optional static correction and/or vibration to keep your dog contained.

Allows You to Stay Connected 

You can easily manage fences with the app and keep tabs on your dog. Status updates and tracking make it easier to know about your dog’s whereabouts at all times. You can also invite friends and family members to use the app to help care for your dog.

You Can Take the System With You

This system is portable. You can make custom fences or instant circular fences, regardless of whether you’re on a hunting, on vacation, visiting friends or family, taking a trip, or relocating to a different house [1]. Regardless of the circumstances, you can have everything ready to go in little time.

The Battery is Rechargeable

A full battery charge will help you keep your dog contained for 18 hours. You may also enjoy eight hours of tracking on a full charge. When you need to recharge the battery, you will have a full charge in a matter of hours.

Works Anytime, Anywhere.

With the collar being waterproof, it works in all kinds of weather and is perfect for swimming, splashing, or playing in the rain.

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Product Overviews

The Wagz Freedom Collar and SpotOn Virtual Fence are both invisible dog fences that offer much of the same level of freedom for your dog. However, the Wagz product has health and wellness-specific features, while the SpotOn system has more of a containment focus.

With the Wagz Freedom Collar, you get customizable geofences. The combination of correction options helps ensure that any corrections received are humane. Your dog has almost no chance of getting out of bounds. One of this collar’s most noteworthy features is the range of activity and wellness tracking available. Tracking how far your dog goes on each journey is an excellent measure of fitness.

The SpotOn Virtual Fence offers customization and portability, perfect for anyone with dogs that they take on hunting or tracking trips. Audible tones and optional static correction or vibration keep your dog in bounds and status updates will help keep you updated about your dog’s whereabouts at all times. The rechargeable battery offers the containment and tracking time that your dog needs. 

Choose the Wagz IF:

Wagz Freedom Collar product image. | The Pampered Pup

If your goals include keeping your dog safe with a shock-free containment system and keeping track of his or her wellness, you’ll want the Wagz Freedom Collar. When you’re concerned about having alternatives to shocks when your dog requires a correction, this system is likely your best choice. Because you can choose different correction types, you can have your dog respond to different stimuli depending on the command given.

Choose the SpotOn IF: 


When you are in the market for a flexible system that is also portable, you will not go wrong with the SpotOn GPS Fence. While it’s a bit more expensive than the Halo Collar, there are definitely some upsides with the SpotOn. The system stays updated, and you’ll always have the latest fences whether you are at home or you are taking your dog on an outing. Taking your dog hunting or tracking in a new location never has to be a frustrating task with the options available.

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