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Wagz Freedom Collar vs Halo Collar Comparison

Halo Collar


The Halo Collar is a collar in its own right. It is a smart collar that works in tandem with an app on the pet parent’s phone. It CAN use static vibration to prevent a dog from leaving the proscribed area, but static is not required as sounds and other deterrents are provided. It does some activity tracking, which is shown in the app. It is waterproof. If a dog wears the collar for more than fourteen hours, it could cause irritation to the dog.

Wagz Freedom Collar


The Wagz Freedom Collar is a smart device that can be attached to an existing collar. It offers activity reports in the form of sleep time, step counts, and exercise time. It does report when the dog appears to have a temperature. It is water-resistant, but not waterproof. It is best for dogs weighing more than fifteen pounds, and for the best use, pet parents should take time to train their dogs for the deterrents available. This collar can be worn indefinitely with removal necessary only for charging the battery.

Choosing a collar that can not only ensure your dog stays on your property but also tracks a dog’s activity is a top priority for pet parents. There are a plethora of the best GPS dog fences with smart collars available today that offer protection for your dog, but a few of these collars not only offer location details on Fido, but they also offer activity tracking, and a handful offer the ability to share this information with vets via an app on one’s smartphone. Choosing a smart collar involves finding a collar that best suits your pup’s needs as well as fits the criteria of necessary abilities the pet parent deems important for protecting one’s dog’s health.

Features of Halo Collar


It’s a collar in itself

This is a collar rather than a device you might attach to your dog’s existing collar. It cannot be worn over fourteen hours at one time or it may cause irritation to your dog.


The collar will continue to work if immersed in water; it is also resistant to saltwater.

An activity tracker

The Halo collar sends information to the app on your phone which can be shared with your vet should you need to make a decision about Fido’s health.

Uses GPS location information

Under most circumstances, the Halo Collar offers a real-time location of your dog.

DOES use static vibration, but pet parents can turn this feature off if so desired

Does NOT offer a “keep out” zone

Here’s our video review of the Halo Collar:

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Features of Wagz Freedom Collar


The Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar is a device that uses GPS location data to keep your dog on your property. It also provides health and activity information for your furry pal.

Uses the Geofence system

This is based on coordinates you program into the app; the collar will provide auditory deterrents to let your dog know he is getting close to the “fence” you’ve set up. You’ll get notifications that your dog is leaving the wireless fence area should your dog attempt to leave the property [1].

Uses vibration, ultrasonic, and audible correction

The Wagz Freedom Collar is not a shock collar, which has benefits and drawbacks. However, if you have a dog that is quite obedient, this invisible dog fence system will work well for your canine companion.

Monitors your dog’s activity levels

This collar monitors the dog’s temperature, exercise level and amount, the dog’s sleep time, and the number of steps per day. This information is sent to your phone, and you may share this information with your vet for health purposes.


This product will continue to work if it is immersed for up to thirty minutes; it is also guaranteed to work in the rain, drizzle, or brief rain showers.

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Product Overviews

The Halo Collar is a smart collar that is a collar in itself. It is waterproof, even in saltwater. You can set up multiple “Geofences,” including the dog park, the beach, a vacation spot, and more. The Halo Collar can be set up to use vibration or static correction, so it may work better for a more stubborn dog that tends to ignore other types of correction signals. The Halo collar is also subscription-based.

The Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar is a device that attaches to an existing collar. It requires a subscription for the Wagz app, but there are various subscription levels to choose from. The Wagz collar is one that uses real-time GPS location information, and it sends alerts to pet parents’ phones should the dog attempt to escape the property. The Wagz collar offers activity monitoring as well, and one can share this information with a vet if so desired.

Choose the Halo if…


If you wish for a collar that gives pet parents the option to use static correction for more stubborn pets, then the Halo collar offers that option. You will not need to commit to a great deal of training before putting this smart collar on your dog.

The Halo collar is a true smart collar (as opposed to a device) and pet parents do not have to devote a lot of time to train their dogs in the correction device and how to behave should the collar correct them.

Choose the Wagz if…


If you’re looking for a device to attach to your dog’s existing collar that offers multiple forms of correction but is NOT a shock collar, then the Wagz collar may be the best choice for you and your canine companion. This collar is best, however, for dogs more than fifteen pounds.

The Wagz Freedom collar will require pet parents to put some time into training their dog prior to use. It offers multiple methods of correcting your dog should she come too close to the boundaries of the invisible fence. It is not waterproof, but water-resistant. After thirty minutes, the collar could fail if the dog remains in the water. The device can be removed for easy recharging using the provided USB charger.

Both the Wagz Freedom collar and the Halo collar are subscription-based items, and the Halo is significantly more costly than the Wagz Freedom collar. The subscriptions, however, are comparable in price.

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