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SpotOn GPS Fence vs. Halo Collar Comparison

Halo Collar


Great for:

  • More data about their dogs’ activity
  • A great training tool
  • A service that can grow and change with their dogs

SpotOn GPS Fence


Great for:

  • Shock-free collar options
  • A one-purchase invisible fence system
  • A collar for very active dogs

A good GPS wireless fence collar can have a huge impact on your dog’s life and health. Not only does it give your dog more freedom to roam in safety, but it does so in a way that will allow you to keep track of your furry friend no matter where he or she might be. The biggest issue most pet owners have isn’t whether to use one of these collars, but rather which collar to trust.

If you’ve done your research, you’ll probably see two names show up at the top of all the ratings. The SpotOn GPS Fence and Halo Collar are both excellent products, but they each have unique features that set them apart from the crowd. Figuring out which one is best for your pet almost certainly involves taking a deeper dive into how each product presents itself. 

Halo Collar


  • Easy to set up 
  • Great for tracking your dog’s activity
  • Up to 20 fencing options
  • Great GPS tracker


  • App can be expensive
  • Collar is fairly costly 

If you prefer to watch, check out our video review of the Halo collar:

Key Features of Halo Collar

Multiple Fence Options

Halo is all about giving dog owners options. This collar will let you set up twenty unique virtual fencing areas, allowing you to ensure that you always have the ability to give your dog a safe place to play even if you know that the spaces in which he or she roams might change. 

Pet Activity Tracking

This collar also lets you track your dog’s activity over time. A great tool for figuring out if your dog is getting enough exercise, it’s also very useful for those who need to figure out whether or not their dogs are keeping up their activity levels as they age or after they recover from illnesses. 

GPS Location Tracking

This unit also allows you to track your dog via GPS even if your dog isn’t in the virtual fencing area. A great choice for those who worry about their dogs running away, it can be used to recover your dog in situations that might otherwise make it impossible for you to find your furry friend. 

No Wires Necessary

You won’t need to bury any wires to get the full impact of this virtual fence. You’ll simply be able to set up your virtual fencing areas on your app and allow your dog to roam. This makes it a great choice for those who cannot or will not dig up their yards in order to install a more traditional fence. 

No Wi-Fi Needed

This unit works via GPS, not wi-fi. This means that you will never have to worry about your signal failing just because your wi-fi has gone out. The GPS signal makes it a great choice for those who have wi-fi coverage problems. 

SpotOn Virtual Fence


  • Easy to set up multiple, overlapping fences for your dog
  • Very easy to use, even if you’ve never had an electric fence
  • Looks and feels very dog-friendly
  • No extra services to sign up for
  • Uses Patented True Location™ GPS technology
  • Very accurate tracking feature—4G LTE-M cellular available in Verizon or AT&T
  • Works in dense tree cover
  • Waterproof—splash, swim or play in the rain


  • Very costly compared to some other collars

Key Features of SpotOn Virtual Fence

Easy Install

One of the big selling points of the SpotOn collar is that it’s very easy to set up. Rather than burying wires as you would with a traditional wireless fence, you’ll simply walk out your boundaries and see your fence build as you walk. The developers have boasted that the product is so easy to set up that you can actually get it done correctly the very first time you set up a fence. You can either walk the fence or manually drop fence posts with great distances between them.

GPS Tracking

SpotOn also makes use of very accurate GPS tracking. It doesn’t matter if your fencing function is being used or not – this collar will allow you to track your dog to within ten feet of his or her location with updates every six seconds. This makes the collar ideal for dogs who might be runners. 

Dog-Friendly Design

This collar is also very friendly to dogs of all sizes. Not only is it lightweight and very easy for dogs to ignore, but it’s also a collar that’s made to stand up to swimming, rain, and heat without losing any functionality. This means that the collar is easy to use without having to worry about your pet. 

Customizable Fences

The SpotOn Virtual Fence allows you to set up multiple overlapping fencing areas so that you can give your dog plenty of places in which to play. This is a great option not only for training but also for having a large fence that lets the dog have a run of the property during the day and a smaller fence for quick bathroom breaks at night, or situations in which you might need to temporarily restrict your dog’s ability to get into certain parts of the yard.

Easy to Adjust

This collar is designed to work with dogs of multiple sizes, so it can very easily grow with your dog. Putting it on your pet is easy, as is adjusting it as your dog grows. This is a great choice for those who want a product that they aren’t going to have to replace when their younger dogs get bigger. SpotOn comes in three sizes (S, M, and L) and fits dogs with neck sizes 10” to 26”.

Product Overviews

The Halo Collar and SpotOn VIrtual Fence are actually both very similar products. Where they differ, though, is largely in their philosophies of functionality.


The Halo Collar feels like it wants to be more than just a fence. It has the same kind of fencing and tracking options as the SpotOn collar, but it also has a great app that allows you to track your dog as well as his or her activity. This is more of a whole dog monitoring service than just a fence. 


The SpotOn collar is very simple and straightforward. You’ll walk out whatever fencing options you happen to want and then rely on the fence to help ensure that your dog stays within his or her boundaries. The device utilizes GPS signals that keep track of where your dog is and some simple redirection methods to keep your dog inside the virtual fencing area. This collar feels both like a simple and high-tech solution for those who need an invisible dog fence.

Choose the Halo Collar IF:

On the other hand, you’ll want the Halo Collar if you want a device that’s going to let you track your pet’s activity as well as his or her location. This is a better choice for those willing to invest in an app ecosystem.

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Choose the SpotOn Virtual Fence IF: 

Generally speaking, you’ll want to choose the SpotOn GPS Fence is your biggest goal is to get a safe, easy-to-use virtual fence that’s going to allow you to set multiple boundaries for your dog while also being able to track him or her. This is a great system for those who want something that they can set and forget.

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