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Spot and Tango vs PetPlate Comparison 2023


Who is Spot and Tango For?

  • Pet parents that want real ingredients in their fresh dog food, including fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Algorithms that calculate the perfect meal plan for your pup
  • Meals that are delivered and ready-to-serve

Who is PetPlate For?

  • Pet parents who want their dogs to live long, healthy lives
  • Personalized pet meals
  • Fresh food made with human-grade ingredients

Spot and Tango Features



  • Human-grade, whole foods with no preservatives or fillers
  • Portion-specific, customized meals
  • Free, adjustable auto-shipping


  • Fresh meals are more expensive than some competitors

Spot and Tango offer pet parents six different tasty recipes. Three of the recipes are fresh and should be stored in the freezer until you’re ready to use them. The fresh recipes are prepared in Spot and Tango’s kitchen and flash-frozen to preserve the nutrients. Just defrost a meal and serve it to your dog. 

They are so confident in their service, that all foods come with a money back guarantee.

One of the unique features of Spot and Tango meals is the three Unkibble meals. Unkibble recipes, like the best fresh dog food today, are made from fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh starches, and human-grade meats. Spot and Tango dehydrate the meals at low temperatures to keep them fresh. All of the recipes meet the guidelines of the Association of Animal Feed Control Officials [1].

Spot and Tango is a fresh dog food delivery company that makes fresh, human-grade meals for dogs. Pet parents love the convenience of having their pup’s food delivered right to their door. Spot and Tango offer free shipping, making it one of the best dog food delivery service companies around. You can set up an auto-ship dog food plan that can be adjusted or canceled at any time. The customer service reps are responsive to pet owners’ questions and help with resolving any issues. 

One of the best features of the meals is that they’re created with fresh, natural ingredients, like sweet potato. Your dog isn’t consuming any artificial ingredients, preservatives, or fillers. Spot and Tango’s fresh recipes and the shelf staple Unkibble meals are customized to suit:

  • Activity level
  • Age
  • Body shape
  • Breed
  • Gender
  • Health conditions
  • Your dog’s Weight

Subscriptions for Spot and Tango vary depending on each dog’s nutritional needs. After the two-week trial pet parents get 20 percent off their next order.

Spot and Tango make three Unkibble recipes that include beef and barley, chicken and wild rice, and cod and salmon. Unlike many commercial kibbles, Spot and Tango Unkibble contains nothing artificial. You don’t have to worry if your dog is eating meat meals or powdered “meats” that can’t be identified. The three recipes are nutritionally balanced for dogs and puppies. Unkibble recipes contain no hormones or GMOs.

The fresh recipes include tasty food, like beef and millet, lamb and brown rice, and turkey and red quinoa. The meals are cooked in a USDA kitchen without GMOs or hormones added, just like another top brand The Farmer’s Dog. The meals follow the standards of the AAFCO, are nutritionally balanced, and can be fed to adult dogs and puppies. 

Spot and Tango suggest choosing either the Unkibble or the fresh recipes. Dogs have food preferences like humans. It’s best to choose the food that suits your dog. Some dogs like dry food while others prefer wet meals. Fresh meals are a good choice for a picky eater or older dogs. Unkibble is perfect for dogs that like crunchy-style food like dry dog food but tastier. You will no longer need to serve commercial wet food or canned food to get your pup excited for mealtime!

Spot and Tango is an excellent choice for pet parents that want their dogs to eat all-natural meals without added preservatives or fillers. You can choose fresh meals or Unkibble meals based on:

  • Dog’s age
  • Breed
  • Size
  • Health issues

PetPlate Features



  • Human-grade ingredients
  • Portioned for each dog’s needs
  • No fillers or preservatives
  • Discount with first order


  • Only one flavor for cats
  • More expensive for large dogs
  • Refrigerator and freezer space for one month of food is necessary

PetPlate is another top contender among dog food delivery companies. Unlike other dog food delivery services, they usually send you a month’s worth of food in one go. Fresh meals are kept in the freezer until ready to serve. Unkibble recipes are dehydrated at low temperatures for freshness and are shelf staples. Spot and Tango recipes meet the guidelines of the Association of Animal Feed Control Officials.

Brands deliver dog food to provide a healthier, cleaner, tastier alternative to traditional dog food. As such, PetPlate makes healthy food for dogs, not dog food. All Pet Plate meals are prepared in a USDA kitchen just like food for humans. Each of PetPlate’s meals is flash-frozen to retain freshness that’s similar to homemade dog food. The meals are shipped in microwave-safe containers. It’s easy to keep a supply of food in the refrigerator and freeze the rest until you’re ready to use it. PetPlate meals may be served warm or cold, depending on your pup’s preference. Where needed, Pet Plate supplement their food with the necessary nutrients. Foods are also fortified with ingredients like salmon oil, potato fillers, etc.

The founder of PetPlate learned how mass-produced dog food is made and wanted a healthy alternative that pet parents and dogs would love. He wanted to create healthier food for each dog’s pet plate so they could live longer, happier lives. PetPlate makes meals for your dog’s health using human-grade meats, vegetables, and fruits. The meals are cooked fresh and flash-frozen. One of the features that dog owners love is the dog food subscriptions that offer dog food delivery options that make the food less expensive than some other pet food services. 

PetPlate meals are created by a veterinary nutritionist and meet the quality standards of the AAFCO. PetPlate portion meals based on your dog’s activity level, age, breed, weight, and body shape. The company’s founder and a veterinary nutritionist partnered to create fresh, healthy meals for dogs. Pet parents have their choice of multiple recipes including beef, chicken, lamb, and turkey. The recipes are made with liver and animal meat. All recipes are fortified with vitamins, minerals, and healthy oils. Vegetables and fruits in the recipes include apples, green beans, pumpkin, and sweet potatoes.

As a pet owner, you can take a quiz on PetPlate’s website to determine the portions. The meals are shipped in one to four meals in each container, depending on how much you feed your pup. One week of food can be defrosted at a time, so you always have fresh meals for your dog. PetPlate has two feeding options. You can choose the full dog’s meal plan or the topper plan. Topper plans are for dog owners who want to add PetPlate food as a topper to their dog’s kibble. It’s a great way to bring something new to traditional dog food. 

What’s the Best for You?


Choose the Spot and Tango if you want customized meal plans for your dog based on preferences, breed, age, and weight. Spot and Tango are perfect for dog owners who want their dogs to eat nutritious, natural food without any preservatives.


Choose PetPlate if your dog is particular about dog food. Dogs love the variety and fresh ingredients in the recipes. Ingredients in PetPlate recipes are excellent for improving your dog’s coat and energy level.