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Spot and Tango Fresh Dog Food Review for 2024 (My Thoughts After Eating Three Recipes)

Spot and Tango is a popular fresh dog food brand, and after trying it out, I say this is for good reasons. I sampled three of their recipes and below, I’m sharing with you my assessments on their quality, convenience, and cost. 

A quick note: Spot and Tango is probably one of the best tasting fresh dog foods out there! And if it’s great for humans, your dogs will probably go crazy about it. It can be a great food for your pup if you’re looking for top quality ingredients, high protein content, as well as clean and complex flavor profile.

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Quality (Aggregate Score = 9/10)

To test the quality of three of Spot and Tango’s recipes, I’m sharing with you how they look, smell, taste, and what ingredients they are made of. Here’s what I gathered from the Beef & Millet, Turkey & Red Quinoa, and Lamb & Brown Rice recipes.

Appearance (8/10)

A close-up view to evaluate the appearance of three fresh dog food recipes from Spot and Tango: Beef & Millet (top left), Turkey & Red Quinoa (top right), and Lamb & Brown Rice (bottom left).

Right away the first thing I noticed in all three recipes is the vibrant colors of the vegetables. This immediately gives the appearance of a fresh food. It’s nice to see that Spot and Tango uses super healthy ingredients that make the dishes interesting such as cranberries in the beef dish and the red quinoa in the turkey recipe. There is a nice amount of meat in all the dishes, although I would personally prefer bigger chunks for that texture factor that dogs love. The meat in all of the dishes is either ground or shredded. The recipes look a bit dry but in a nice way as they do not look and feel like a slop at all. This makes them look appetizing and palatable.

Smell (9/10)

Fresh dog food reviewer Zach Lovatt conducts a smell test on three of Spot and Tango's fresh dog food recipes: Beef & Millet, Turkey & Red Quinoa, and Lamb & Brown Rice.

The beef recipe definitely smells clean and exactly like the meat itself. There is a light hint of the vegetables in the aroma without any strong or off flavors. The turkey smells appetizing enough that it reminded me of Thanksgiving leftovers. The aroma of the peas and other veggies were also present. The lamb smelled the least appetizing of the three; although  there is nothing bad in it, it smells strongly of gamey lamb.

Taste (9/10)

Fresh dog food reviewer Zach Lovatt conducting a taste test on Spot and Tangos Beef & Millet, Turkey & Red Quinoa, and Lamb & Brown Rice recipes.

The Beef & Millet dish is a pretty excellent tasting dog food. The cranberry definitely elevates it a little bit. It also has a nice texture, giving it a chewiness that I’m sure most dogs will love. The beef was certainly a pleasure to eat, not like a slop at all and instead has firm ingredients. It also does not have any overwhelmingly strong flavor.

The Turkey & Red Quinoa recipe tastes very clean and there’s a lot of depth to the flavor. You can taste the individual ingredients in it too. Although the quinoa has a very slight bitterness to it, it is not off-putting at all. The texture is nice and dry—not too dry though, and not in an unappealing way.

The Lamb & Brown Rice recipe tastes very strongly of lamb—it is not for those who are not a fan of this meat. The dish has a nice firm texture in which you can feel the peas popping between your teeth as you chew on it. I really enjoyed the tender chewiness from the grains used in this recipe.

Ingredients (9/10)

Spot and Tango’s recipes are made with fresh, whole ingredients and they are nutritionally balanced and complete to meet AAFCO standards. The foods are GMO and hormone free which is a plus point since you do not typically see that in other fresh dog food. Moreover, the recipes by Spot and Tango are formulated by Dr. Susan Lauren who holds a PhD in veterinary nutrition. These high-quality meals are cooked in small batches in USDA kitchens located in New York and Wisconsin.

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In terms of nutrition, the detail I always look for is the protein content as fed. Spot and Tango’s fresh food range from about 12-14% which is really high in the spectrum. This is great because you know that when your dog is eating this food, he is getting a healthy serving of those high-quality protein. 

Protein content (as fed):

  • Beef & Millet 11.85%
  • Turkey & Red Quinoa 13.7%
  • Lamb & Brown Rice 11.8%

Guaranteed Analysis of Spot and Tango Fresh Dog Food Recipes

RecipesCrude Protein (% min)Crude Fat (% min)Crude Fiber (% max)Moisture (% max)
Turkey & Red Quinoa13.695.861.4468.5
Beef & Millet11.855.851.0469.84
Lamb & Brown Rice11.806.642.6470.10


Convenience (Aggregate Score = 9/10)

Let’s talk about Spot and Tango’s level of convenience for the pet owner. What’s the deal when it comes to purchasing, shipping, and packaging?

Purchasing (7/10)

A screenshot of the account dashboard on spotandtango.com showing an option to cancel subscription.

With this brand, you do have to carry a subscription in order to buy the food. However, like most fresh dog food companies, it is easy to cancel this subscription by yourself through the account dashboard.

Shipping (9/10)

A cardboard shipping box from Spot and Tango on a doorstep.

Spot and Tango’s shipping system was definitely pretty fast. I placed my order on a Sunday and I received my package the following Thursday, taking three full business days. This, however, might vary depending on your location in the US, but for me this is one of the quicker shipping experiences. Plus, the packaging they use is completely recyclable.

Packaging (10/10)

A close-up image of the packaging for Spot and Tango's Turkey & Red Quinoa recipe.

My frozen patties arrived nicely in 1/2 pound packs (about 230g) with easy-peel tabs so they defrost quickly in the fridge. For me, this is the right amount of food to put in your dog’s bowl so there are no issues with leftovers. Spot and Tango advises pet parents to defrost the food overnight in the fridge or place it in a bowl with water for a few minutes prior to serving. Once thawed, the food must be consumed within four days.

Cost (4/10)

Where does Spot and Tango stand in terms of cost? For me, the best way to compare prices is to calculate using a dollars per pound basis instead of dollars per week because fresh dog food brands all calculate your dog’s nutritional needs a little differently and you get different amounts of food from each brand as a result. My calculations put Spot and Tango at about $9/lb. This is definitely at the higher end of the price spectrum, making it more expensive than most fresh dog food brands. Remember to check this link for any discounts I may have for Spot and Tango.

My Recommendation

If the quality of your dog’s food is paramount and you don’t mind spending a little bit more on their fresh meals then Spot and Tango can be an excellent choice for your dog – particularly if you like the sounds of an above-average serving of delicious proteins. If you’re looking in this price range, you may also want to check out The Farmer’s Dog. They make delicious tasting dog food as well and it’s a little bit more affordable. If you do choose Spot and Tango for your pup, use my link below to check for any deals:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Spot and Tango products?

You can buy Spot and Tango’s dog food products from their website, spotandtango.com.

What else can I purchase from Spot and Tango?

Along with your top picks from many UnKibble and fresh food meals, you can add healthy treats for your dogs which are perfect for snacks in between meals. These are single-ingredient treats free of preservatives and fillers as well.

How much does a Spot and Tango subscription cost?

The cost of a Spot and Tango dog food subscription highly depends on your dog’s nutritional needs, the chosen recipe, and the preferred food type. I calculated that their fresh dog food costs about $9/lb. My rough estimates say that the weekly cost for an UnKibble meal starts at $7, whereas fresh meals start at $15 per week. Of course, this will depend on your dog. For larger dogs, the price can be a bit higher considering the bigger volume of food they need to consume.

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