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A Designer Dog’s Birthday Wishlist: Bark Jacobs, Chewy Vuiton, and Beyond

Tomorrow is my birthday – I’ve never had a birthday before, so I don’t really know what to expect. But apparently, it’s a big one because I’ll be one year old. My friends Spartacus and Peanut says birthdays are THE BEST because the day is all about you. Not only do you get extra snuggles and pats, but your parents give you cake – without you having to beg for it. You also get a party where all your friends come to see you at the dog park! And the best part is your parents give you the best designer toys and clothes! Spartacus and Peanut have had a lot of birthdays, so they know what they’re talking about. Plus, I overheard Dad telling Mom that we’re going to the dog park first thing tomorrow morning! 

Last year at Peanut’s birthday she got a Bark Jacobs handbag from Rockstar Puppy Boutique. She was the talk of the dog park for at least a week. Spartacus says that the best way to get designer presents is to think about them really hard – and maybe Mom and Dad will hear them. It works when I tell them that I love them – so why wouldn’t it work with presents? I don’t want to sound greedy, but I’ve picked the top 10 Designer toys, clothes and accessories that I just have to have!

Tiffany Rose Beaded Pet Collar at Posh Puppy Boutique

Tiffany rose beaded pet collar.
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I’ve been eyeing this collar for a few months now. Misty, the Chihuahua down the street got a Tiffany’s collar for her birthday and I was so jealous. She said it was made to order, waterproof, and is made with non-toxic beads that are FDA approved silicone and free of lead, PVC, mercury, and Phthalate. I’ll just have to coordinate with Misty, so we don’t wear our collars on the same day!

Checker Chewy Vuiton Trunk Activity House Dog Toy at Bitch New York

Chewy Vuiton dog toy.
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This will be perfect for when my pawrents are on vacation, and they send me to Aunt Cathy’s house. She never has any fun toys to play with. With three balls that squeak and crackle I’ll have a blast. And when Mom and Dad come to pick me up – they won’t have to worry about losing the balls because they can put them right back in the trunk so I can play with them again and again.

Chewnel Noir Bed at FunnyFur

Chewnel noir bed.
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One might say I don’t need a dog bed considering I sleep in between Mom and Dad in their bed every night – but what if Dad’s snoring? Or Mom is talking in her sleep? How will I get my beauty rest if I’m not sleeping on a cozy, luxurious bed? The bed measures 24”x24”x4” which is the perfect size for me!

Bark Jacobs Hot Pink High Heel Shoe Dog Toy at PupRwear

Bark Jacobs hot pink high heel dog toy.
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From Stella MuttCartney to Barkentinos – PupRwear has all of the latest designer shoes, so it was pretty ruff just choosing one.  But once I saw these hot pink high heels from Bark Jacobs – I was in love! Maybe Mom will buy me four – one for each paw! 

Poochie Pet Cardigan Sweater at Beverly Hills Pup

Poochie Pet cardigan.
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This would make a great addition to my wardrobe. I can pair it with a skirt to dress it up or jeans to dress it down. I can’t decide if I want it in red or tan – maybe Mom will buy me one of each! With XS to 2XL sizes I don’t think my pawrents will have any trouble finding the right size for me. 

GG Leather Bow at Bark Fifth Avenue

GG leather dog bow.
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This leather bow will look gorgeous in my fur and with three different styles Dad has so many options to choose from. These 5” bows are so cute and are made with vegan leather, so no animals were harmed in the making of them. And when I’m not wearing the bow, I can keep it safe in the custom box that it comes in.

Woofyton LV Harness & Leash Set at Doggie Couture Shop

Woofyton LV harness.
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The set includes both a harness and a leash so I can match when Mom and Dad take me for a day out. I’ll be looking my best and doing it in style. 

Adidog Hooded Jumpsuit at The Honest Dog

Adidog hoodies.
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Let’s be honest – if I’m lounging on my Chewnel Noir bed and chewing on my new Bark Jacobs plush toy – I’m not going to be wearing my Poochie cardigan or my Woofyton LV harness & leash. Instead you’ll find me in my Adidog Hooded Jumpsuit that my dad bought for me at the Honest Dog. It’s made of cotton so I know it will be soft and durable. The Honest Dog offers a lot of different varieties so my pawrents can chose from 9 different colors, 6 different sizes, and 2 different styles. 

Furberry Pet Raincoat Plaid at Beverly Hills Pup

Furberry pet raincoat.
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I absolutely loathe the rain – my pawrents practically have to drag me outside to do my business when it’s raining outside. So this chic raincoat by Beverly Hills Pup will be great for keeping me dry on those dreary days. It even comes with a hood – because what dog likes to get their face and ears wet? 

Pawda Purse Dog Toy at Glamour Mutt

Pawda Purse.
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Last by not least – no birthday is complete without a new purse. This black Pawda Purse designed by Haute Diggity Dog will go perfect with so many of my outfits. Nothing says pampered like a Pawda purse! And the best part is – it squeaks! When it gets dirty from a long day at the dog park my dad can stick it in the washing machine and let it air dry. The purse is available in small (3.5”) and large (6”) so dogs of all sizes can enjoy it.

Regardless of the gifts I get tomorrow -– I’m excited to be spending my first birthday surrounded by my friends and family. Every day with them is the best day ever. That being said – I wouldn’t mind receiving a few designer clothes, toys, and accessories tomorrow.

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