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Raw Dog Food Recipes for Pitbulls (4 Easy Raw Meat Diets)

Key Takeaways

  • The best raw dog food recipes for pitbulls should include ingredients like the main protein (organ meat such as beef heart, muscle meat, sardines, chicken breast, etc.), eggs, vegetables, and fruits.
  • Grinding the meat and other ingredients then portioning them into smaller containers is a good way to prepare your pitbull’s raw meal.
  • Raw diets for pitbulls give them more nutrients and help them recover.

Large and highly active, Pitbulls are a breed of dogs that need as much nutrients they can get from their food to be healthy. Giving them the best fresh dog food is the foundation of a balanced nutrition and overall wellness.

I’ve cared for a pit once and I’ve seen how active they are. And active dogs need protein-rich raw diets to help them recover. Raw diets work well for pitbulls because these are more nutrient-dense than any other type of dog food. Composed of organ and muscle meat, plus vegetables and fruits, raw feeding will result in a happy and healthy pit. However, there are a few important things to know before you start following raw dog food recipes for pitbulls. I carefully made a guide below to help you out.

Raw Dog Food Recipes For Pitbulls

Commercial kibble may be convenient for dog lovers, but it is deficient in the nutrient department. This is why I stopped feeding dry dog food to my precious pups. It undergoes processing where several additives are added to extend its shelf life, so it does not really contribute much to a dog’s health. A raw dog food diet does not typically have preservatives though it has a much shorter ability to remain fresh. Cooking homemade dog food recipes will not only treat health problems but can also reduce the effects of aging on their bodies in the long run. However, if you do not have the time, the best dog food delivery service platforms today takes all the hassle out of food preparation and can make customized meals for your pit. We Feed Raw is one of the most popular raw pup food subscription brands today—and for good reasons!

If you still need inspiration, there are different raw dog food recipes for Pitbulls you can try at home.

Beef Supreme

The goal is to improve your dog’s fitness levels by providing nutrients and the necessary energy for activity. This homemade diet entails a significant amount of beef with a complement of greens and supplements to add to the nutritional quality [1]. It is very easy to make, and the quantities will depend on how much you want to be feeding the dog.


Raw dog food recipes for pitbulls.
  • One pound of beef heart
  • Six pounds of beef – muscle meat
  • One pound of beef kidney
  • Five Carrots
  • One pound of romaine lettuce


Chop the lettuce and carrots into small chewable pieces or blend them using a food processor. Grind the beef muscle and organ meat together. Cutting these into small cubes also works if you do not have a grinder. Add the cut vegetables to the mix and stir to make one large combination. Portion the meal into small containers as per the serving sizes and store these in the refrigerator for your dogs.

Boneless Meat Patties

It is also known as a BARF diet for dogs or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food from the principle of feeding dogs the diet they evolved to eat. It has zero supplements, which are great for your dog’s health, and the protein packs a lot of energy for your pitbull.


Meat patties.
  • Five pounds of ground beef/ turkey/ lamb or chicken. You may also try a combination of the mentioned protein options.
  • A can of water-packed sardines
  • Four eggs without shells.
  • One cup of carrots, kale, asparagus, or spinach. You may also use a combination of them.


Cut the vegetables and mix them with the eggs to form a puree. Combine the puree with the ground beef, and mix them evenly. Make patties that would be the right size for your pitbull. The size of the patties varies, of course, with the size of the dog. These patties are to be stored in the freezer before being thawed and portioned for your dogs.

Chicken and Veggies

The chicken and veggie combination may feel more for humans than dogs, but it is especially great for a Pitbull’s appetite. It is also very palatable and affordable, so you can buy this for them often. The meal has several healthy ingredients that your pup can benefit from other than the meat itself.


Chicken breasts.
  • Five pounds of chicken
  • Two cups of red cabbage
  • Two apples
  • Two cups of spinach
  • Five pasture-raised eggs


The ingredients must be prepared in a specific way to ensure they do not cause the dog issues. The apples should be skinned and diced into bite-sized pieces. Removing all of the seeds and the fibrous core of fruits is also important as these tend to be toxic. Cut the chicken into small pieces. You can include chicken breast thighs and organ meat for dogs like the heart or the liver. These are all very nutritious. Blend the cabbage, apples, and spinach with the eggs you got into a puree and mix this with the cut chicken meat. Please note that the chicken should not have any bones as well. Put the mixture into small containers afterward and store these in the fridge for portioning later.

Rabbit and Beef

Rabbit is one of the best proteins you can add to your dog’s diet as it is great for food sensitivity. The healthy fats in this homemade food also keep your Pitbull’s joints lubricated and their coat shiny. Beef is also a great complement, adding to the energy levels your pet will appreciate.


Rabbit meat.
  • Two and a half pounds of rabbit meat
  • One pound of beef organ meat
  • Four pasture-raised eggs
  • Eight ounces broccoli
  • Half an ounce of spinach
  • Six ounces of mixed berries


Grind the organ meat and the rabbit meat into mince or cut it into small cubes so it can easily be mixed. Blend the eggs, broccoli, berries, and spinach to make a puree. Add the meat into the puree and mix thoroughly, so it is evenly distributed. Divide the mixture into small containers and store these in the freezer to serve later.


Is a raw food diet good for Pit bulls?

A particular species-approved raw dog food recipe is excellent for Pit bulls, especially if you want them to build muscle mass and lose fat.

What raw foods can Pit bulls eat?

You can make your own raw dog food for Pit bulls from muscle meat, organs, eggs, vegetables, and certain fruits.

What kind of raw meat should I feed my Pit bull?

They can eat muscle meat from beef, chicken, turkey, or rabbit. You can also feed them organ meat like the heart, liver, and kidneys.

How much raw meat should I feed my Pit bull?

The general rule is dogs should eat between two and five percent of their body weight in raw meat daily.

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