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4 Raw Dog Food Recipes for German Shepherds (Easy To Make!)

Key Takeaways

  • A raw dog food diet has a high nutritional value beneficial for German shepherds.
  • The digestive system and general behavior of the German Shepherd breed account for the diet tendencies.
  • One of the easiest raw dog food recipes for German shepherds: Grind 3 lbs ground meat, 2 lbs organ meat, and 3 lbs fruit and vegetables.

I love the German shepherd breed! They are beautiful dogs with such strong personalities. German shepherd dogs (GSD) can and should eat a lot of raw meat, considering they are one of the closest relatives to the timber wolf. Wolves are carnivores, which is why such dogs have a genetic predisposition to similar traits like hunting.

Their teeth, digestive system, and general behavior account for the dog’s diet tendencies. It is for this very reason why pet owners often seek raw dog food recipes for German shepherds as this is healthier and more affordable in the long run because you get to save those trips to the vet. A beefy mix recipe with 3 lbs ground meat, 2 lbs organ meat, and 3 lbs fruit and vegetables is one of the simplest meal you can prepare for your German shepherd.

Commercial dog food is not the best alternative for these dogs as they require a high-nutrient diet. Choosing the best fresh dog food or raw diet is the perfect option. One of our favorite pet food companies which makes custom raw meal plans for pets is We Feed Raw—a good deal for pet parents who don’t have time to prepare at home.

Raw Dog Food Recipes for German Shepherds

Homemade raw dog food is easy to make as meat is the main ingredient in all recipes. Eating raw meat is a natural thing even for a German shepherd puppy. However, when making raw food for your pets, observe food safety and only get ingredients from reputable sources. The following are a few you can use for your furry friend.

Beefy Mix

Beef is the go-to protein for dogs considering it is readily available and one of the more affordable options. A German shepherd dog would particularly appreciate both beef muscle and organ meat. This raw dog meal can also be mixed with different vegetables to make a palatable meal.


Grinding beef.
  • Three pounds of ground beef muscle meat
  • Two pounds of beef organ meat
  • One pound of cut spinach
  • One pound of broccoli
  • One pound of mixed berries


Cut the organ meat into small cubes if you cannot grind it. You can mix the organ and muscle meat with even distribution. Blend the spinach, broccoli, and berries in a food processor. Add water to make a puree. Mix the vegetables with the meat combination with even distribution and divide them into small containers.

Turkey and Veggies

Turkey meat is uncommon in most dog diets, but it is an ideal option for dogs with food allergies [1] to chicken or beef. It is also low in fat, so it is excellent for weight loss. You can use it as the base protein for your meal plan for your German Shepherd.


Raw turkey meat.
  • Five pounds of ground turkey
  • Two pounds of turkey organ meat
  • One teaspoon of dried rosemary
  • One pound of broccoli
  • One pound of carrots
  • One pound of mixed berries


The first thing would be to combine your meats, so mix the ground turkey muscle meat with the organ meat. Make sure the organ meat is cut into small cubes or ground, so it is easier to combine with the muscle meat. Chop the vegetables, carrots, and berries into small pieces and blend them in a processor. Mix the blended vegetables with the meat combination and separate the whole into small containers.

Tuna with Vegetables

Like other meat options, tuna is an excellent alternative for German Shepherds. These fish are rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals, which are great for your dog. It also has omega-three fatty acids, which are suitable for its skin and cardiovascular systems, promoting activity.


Slicing tuna.
  • Three pounds of tuna
  • One pound of carrots
  • One measure of vitamins and mineral supplements
  • One pound of spinach
  • One pound of mixed berries
  • Six pasture-raised eggs


Cut the tuna fish up into small pieces. It should be fillet, as any bones will be problematic for your furry friend. Make a mixture of the veggies and fruits, cutting them into small pieces and combining them with the eggs.

Blend them in a food processor to make a puree, then add the fish. The mixture should have even distribution and portion into small containers to be placed in the freezer.

Chicken and Spinach

Despite the apparent risk of raw feeding to dogs, there are valid reasons why this would be a good recipe. Raw chicken entails 80 percent protein and does not have carbohydrates or sugar. It also has phosphorous and vitamin B12, which are great for dogs.


Chicken breasts.
  • Three pounds of chicken breast
  • Two pounds of chicken organ meat
  • Two cups of spinach
  • Half a cup of diced apple with no seeds
  • A teaspoon of parsley
  • One tablespoon of olive oil


Grind the chicken into mince or cut it into small strips which are chewable. Mix the organ meat, the heart, and liver, with the chicken breast. Make a puree from the spinach, apple, and olive oil, then add the mixture to the meat. Portion the mixture into small containers according to the portion size of your German Shepherd. Store these in the freezer, so they do not spoil easily.

If you want to mix any of these recipes with healthy carbs, you can add sweet potatoes and brown rice. Organ meats can range from chicken liver or beef liver and green tripe. Adding supplements like fish oil is also good for essential fatty acids. For a complete BARF diet, you may add raw bones like chicken necks or raw chicken leg bones. Only use cooked bones for making bone broth, but never serve the cooked bone itself to your dog.


What raw food should I feed my German Shepherd?

According to the recommended guidelines as specified for the BARF raw diet, it should consist of 70 percent raw muscle meat, 10 percent edible bone, and 10 percent vegetables and fruit. The raw meat diet must also follow the AAFCO guidelines to make a balanced meal supporting life and proper functions.

Is a raw diet good for German Shepherds?

Raw meat is not just a good source of protein for German Shepherds, but it is an optimal diet alternative. Raw food is like the keto diet for people, allowing them to reduce excess fat and reach their peak health. In the wild, dogs are typically carnivorous, so a raw food diet would be what aligns the most with their needs.

Can I feed my German Shepherd raw chicken?

You can feed the dog raw chicken, provided it is boneless and sanitary, to reduce the chances of salmonella.

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