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PETFON2 Smart Tracker For Dogs Review 2024

PETFON2 Smart Tracker For Dogs.


  • It’s durable, comfortable, and portable
  • The battery can last for up to 16 hours and is easy to recharge
  • The GPS collar has high water and dust resistance
  • The app is easy to use and download
  • It has a light feature that easily lets you see it in the dark
  • It has a beautiful design that includes safety first measures
  • There aren’t any hidden fees or monthly subscriptions necessary to operate it
  • It’s a good location tracking device for pet owners that live in the city
  • It allows you to create a virtual GPS dog fence to keep your pet safe
  • This tracker offers a customizable sound that allows you to choose the warning sound
  • You can record your own voice commands to use in certain situations


  • It is pretty expensive
  • This unit has a short battery life if your dog gets away for a full day or more
  • The distance this tracker can cover is short
  • It isn’t waterproof
  • The instructions are hard to follow

While taking your dog for a walk can be a fun and enjoyable activity for you and your dog, it can turn into a nightmare if your dog runs off and you can’t find him. This is why I always advise dog owners put a high-quality smart collar tracking system on pets to ensure taking walks won’t take a bad turn. The Petfon GPS Tracker is a security system that can do the job—this tracker keeps your dog safe and easy to locate in the event that your pet dashes out of sight [1]. In my review below, I take a full dive in to the features of this tracker and invisible fence system, and discuss if it is worth your money. 

Features of the Petfon GPS Tracker

Virtual Fence

Helping you to keep track of your dog, the Petfon provides the best way to always be aware of what your dog is doing since it will notify you of your pet’s every move. Unlike other dog GPS trackers that don’t have a pet containment system feature, Petfon allows you to set up an invisible fence within. This lets you create multiple safe zones for your pet. Keep in mind, however, that it won’t enforce the boundaries as many other collars will. Once the virtual fence is set up, you will receive alerts when your pet leaves this predetermined area. Plus, the virtual fence feature will also let you set up a dangerous zone that allows the accompanying Petfon app to alert you when your dog wanders close to that location.

Alarm System

The Petfon Pet GPS Tracker is equipped with an alarm system that is light-enabled, which is very useful for tracking your pup at night allowing you to see him easier in the darkness. This tool comes with 11 different LED light colors that can be turned on with the controller you operate, and you can also set the lights so that they can be viewed anytime the alarm is sounded in the dark.

Alarm Sound

Developers of the alarm for this system engineered the sound alert to make sure that you can hear a super loud sound if you choose. This alarm goes as high up as 70 decibels and is a short beeping sound that should be enough to get your attention, plus you can also choose the type of sound that you prefer to hear.

Voice Command

Voice Command – A feature not all GPS dog trackers have, the voice command allows you to command your dog through the Petfon Tracker. All you have to do is record your message and then play it when needed. The customizable voice command system will let you record several voice commands that you can play when the situation requires it.


The Petfon Tracker is also pretty durable, which is necessary if your dog will wear it a lot, and particularly if your pet gets lost. Made with the latest in technology and equipment, this product is water and dust-resistant.

Tracking Distance

Tracking Distance – The Petfon GPS Tracker also will let you track your dog’s real time location over a long distance thanks to the LoPowan wireless transmission and Laser Carving Antenna technologies that offer quality service. For pet owners that live in the city, you may have a lot of objects obstructing you from a lost pet. However, this pet tracker will continue to function correctly up to 0.65 miles away from your dog. But, if you live in the suburbs, you can track your dog up to 3 ½ miles from your location when you have few to no obstructions in between you and your dog. The tracker can also handle multiple dogs.

Is the Petfon GPS Tracker right for you?

PETFON2 Smart Tracker For Dogs.

If you are looking for one of the best dog GPS trackers today, then you will not be disappointed with the Petfon. Offering great performance, this tracker will allow you to locate your dog in the event that he runs away or gets out of your yard. This product does not require a subscription, and it comes with an easy-to-use and downloadable app. 

This optimized pet tracking device allows you to keep a close eye on your pet as well as track his movements to know if he is far away or close to your location. You can also use this tracker to set up a virtual fence, and it will alert you when your dog leaves the predetermined fence area or if he enters any danger zones that you have set up. This is a very effective tracker in a crowded city area where it can connect to several Wi-Fi hotspots or any other wireless access points that allows you to quickly find information on your dog’s location.

Equipped with two different modules, the Petfon GPS comes with the tracker itself and a control terminal. Basically a collar, the tracker is worn by your dog while you operate the controller, which is the downloadable mobile app onto your PC or smartphone. The tracker sends real-time updates to your smartphone through the app as well as alerts you to your dog’s activities and his current location. It won’t offer quite as much detail into your dog’s health metrics like many alternative dog activity monitors, though.

The best part of the Petfon GPS Tracker is that unlike premium competitors like Halo, it doesn’t require a phone network or Sim card to operate… Thanks to the use of the LoPowan wireless technology. Plus, all you will have to pay when it comes to this tracker is the initial fee since there is no subscription cost to operate it. As a pet owner, you will appreciate having the ability to find your pet if he ever becomes lost. Since this is an invaluable feature, the initial cost will be well worth the investment.

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