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Ollie vs Nom Nom Fresh Dog Food Comparison… Which One Stinks? (2024)

In this article I’m comparing Ollie vs Nom Nom, two fresh dog food brands that both promise quality, customized, nutritious dog food plans formulated by vet nutritionists.

To compare the two, I made an assessment on the quality of the food, convenience for the pet owner, and cost of Ollie vs Nom Nom based on my firsthand experiences with each brand.

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Who should get Ollie?

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend Ollie as a fresh dog food brand to pet parents. When you consider the price you are paying and the quality of the food, there are better fresh dog food options out there. While I’m sure its a step up from kibble, Nom Nom tastes better and is a bit more affordable when evaluated on a fair basis. If you don’t mind spending a little extra, you might want to look into The Farmer’s Dog for fresh dog food with exceptional flavor.

Who should get Nom Nom?

If you’re looking for a great-tasting food with large chunks of whole ingredients at an affordable price, then Nom Nom can be an excellent choice for you and your dog.

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To test the quality, I reviewed the appearance, smell, taste, and ingredients of the beef and chicken dishes from Ollie and Nom Nom.


Close-up images of Ollie and Nom Noms beef (left) and chicken (right) recipes.

When it comes to appearance, there is a stark difference comparing Nom Nom vs Ollie. The food from Ollie looks more like a homogenous mixture or a paste than actual food, and the ingredients are hard to pick out. Nom Nom’s food on the other hand looks very appealing with visibly large chunks of ingredients.


Fresh dog food reviewer Zach Lovatt evaluating the smell of Ollie's Chicken Dish with Carrots.

Ollie dog food smells a bit sour which probably comes from the greens mixed in—it generally smells heavy and not very appetizing. Nom Nom dishes, on the contrary, have a clean smell—you can distinguish the main ingredients just by the aroma itself, making it exciting to eat.


Reviewer Zach Lovatt tasting Ollie and Nom Nom's fresh dog food recipes.

Ollie’s pasty and grainy texture is really overpowering which takes away the enjoyment in eating it. The food is unappealing and has a strong flavor, my guess is from using excessive organ meat in the recipe. 

Nom Nom, as expected from the look and smell, has a cleaner and more delicious taste—no heavy, unpleasant flavors. You can really taste the freshness of their Chicken Cuisine and Beef Mash recipes. Nom Nom’s dishes are more palatable and closer to the human food experience.


Both Ollie & Nom Nom’s recipes are designed by veterinary nutritionists, although Nom Nom makes a point of stating that their veterinary nutritionists are Board Certified, whereas Ollie does not as far as I can see. Pet owners who worry about food allergies in their dogs can rely on both brands’ customization feature for the meal plans.

Both foods are human-grade use whole ingredients, such as fresh meat and vegetables like sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots, and more, with a nutrient mix so that their food meets the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) standards.

Both companies make their food in US-kitchens. Although Ollie makes their food in a USDA-regulated kitchen whereas Nom Nom only uses USDA grade A ingredients. Ollie and Nom Nom both produce gently cooked foods for dogs to maintain nutrients.

The protein content in Ollie’s recipes ranges from 9-11% as fed, which is fairly typical for fresh dog food. Nom Nom’s recipes range from 7-10% of protein in your dog’s food which is a bit on the low side. Keep this in mind when we talk about pricing. Aside from beef and chicken, both brands also offer pork and turkey recipe options.

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In terms of convenience, Ollie and Nom Nom only vary slightly. Check out their differences based on my experiences with purchasing, shipping, and packaging. 


A screenshot of the account dashboard on myollie.com showing a button to cancel subscription.

Both Ollie and Nom Nom require a subscription to purchase their fresh dog food, and it’s quite easy to cancel with either company right from within your account dashboard in their website—no need to talk to customer service.


Cardboard shipping box from Nom Nom on doorstep.

Both Ollie and Nom Nom ship quickly, and the food is well-packed with dry ice in an insulated shipping box. The contents are completely recyclable in both cases.

Ollie's scoop and puptainer.

OIlie’s first shipment comes with a food scoop and a high-quality container called a “puptainer” for your thawed food, which is a nice touch.


Frozen patties of Ollie's fresh dog food arriving in the shipping box.
Frozen patties of Nom Nom's fresh dog food arriving in the shipping box.

I found Ollie’s packaged frozen patties to be on the large size. One recipe was 1.5lbs and the other was 1-3/4lbs.

Nom Nom’s recipes are packed in 400g patties (just under a pound), which I think is easier as it helps make sure you don’t have left over fresh food sitting in the fridge longer than you’d like.

Both Ollie and Nom Nom’s fresh frozen meals feature easy-peel openings, so there is no need to get a pair of scissors dirty trying to open them. 

Ollie fresh dog food should be eaten within 4 days after defrosting, whereas Nom Nom’s are good for up to 7 days after defrosting.


Of course, we can’t fully compare the two without talking about costs. I compared them based on the dollar per pound basis. This is especially because the moisture and calorie content of these fresh dog foods don’t vary all that much from brand to brand, whereas the serving sizes of their meal plans do vary quite a bit.

Ollie’s dog food comes in at about $6/lb which sits at the middle of the fresh dog food price spectrum. Nom Nom comes in at about $4/lb which is quite affordable.

My Recommendation

Both brands are definitely better than traditional dog food. However, considering how much more tasty Nom Nom is than Ollie, to me it’s a no-brainer which fresh dog food is a more delicious choice for your pup – go with Nom Nom!

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If you feel Ollie is the right choice for your pup, make sure to use this link to get the best deal that I currently have access to. Personally, in addition to Nom Nom and The Farmer’s Dog, I found Spot and Tango, A Pup Above, and PetPlate were all more delicious than Ollie.

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