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Ollie Fresh Dog Food Review: In 2024, You’d Best Look Elsewhere

Ollie provides a customized diet for your pup that is made of only premium, human-grade ingredients. Each meal that is made by Ollie is based on your pup’s unique profile, taking into account their age, weight, breed, and more. But are they truly a contender for one of today’s best fresh dog food brands?

Let’s take a closer look at Ollie Dog Food—a brand that promises to deliver fresh, healthy meals tailored to your dog’s individual needs—to see if their fresh dog food is the right choice for you and your dog in terms of Quality, Convenience, and Price.

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Quality (Aggregate Score = 4/10)

For this review, I’ve sampled two popular recipes from Ollie: Beef with Sweet Potatoes and Chicken with Carrots. To assess the quality, I performed a thorough analysis of their visual appearance, aromatic appearance, taste, and ingredients.

Appearance (3/10)

Close up images of Ollie's Beef with Sweet Potatoes (left) and Chicken with Carrots (right) fresh dog food recipes.

The beef dish looks and feels a lot more like a paste rather than an appetizing meal with visible chunks of ingredients. Similarly, the chicken dish also appears like a homogenous mixture with dull color, making both meals visually unappealing. However, both dishes do resemble the images depicted on Ollie’s advertisements.

Smell (3/10)

Fresh dog food reviewer Zach Lovatt evaluating the smell of Ollie's beef with sweet potato and chicken with carrots recipes.

When it comes to aromatic appeal, the beef and chicken dishes both lack that meaty fragrance that should be common in protein-based dishes. Both food give off a more dominant smell from the vegetables and other ingredients, and the smell is not particularly appealing.

Taste (3/10)

Reviewer Zach Lovatt tasting Ollie's fresh dog food recipes.

Both the beef and chicken dishes have a strong and unpleasant taste, most likely from the liver. They probably used too much. Other fresh dog food brands such as The Farmer’s Dog include liver and still taste great. Furthermore, I enjoy eating pâtés and other liver-containing dishes in human cuisine, so I don’t expect recipes containing liver to be inherently off-putting.

The dishes also have a pasty and grainy texture that does not help with the overall eating experience.

Ingredients (7/10)

Ollie fresh dog food is human-grade and made in the US within USDA-certified kitchens. The recipes are vet-formulated and meet AAFCO’s standards so you can be sure that they provide a well-rounded nutrition for your pup.

The ingredients are comprised of whole foods, including lean muscle and organ meat, slow-cooked in low temperatures to protect most of the nutrients and flavor for your dog to enjoy. All recipes have fruits such as blueberries or cranberries that add micronutrients. 

Most Ollie recipes contain 9-11% proteins as fed, which is typical in most fresh dog food. Meals are made in small batches and delivered fresh.

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Convenience (Aggregate score = 7/10)

I looked into Ollie’s subscription policies, shipping, and packaging to weigh its convenience.

Purchasing (7/10)

A screenshot of the Ollie account dashboard where your subscriptions can be managed or cancelled.

A subscription is required to buy Ollie dog food for your pup,. When you subscribe, Ollie designs a customized meal plan based on your dog’s unique needs. The subscription, however, should not be an issue as cancellation and pausing of deliveries are quite easy, and can be done within the dashboard just by answering a few questions.

Shipping (8/10)

Cardboard shipping box from Ollie on doorstep.

Shipping was reasonably fast in my experience. I placed my order on a Saturday and the package arrived on the following Friday – 4 business days between placing the order and receiving the shipment.

Orders arrive in an insulated shipping container with dry ice on top that keeps the food frozen. All shipping materials and insulation are completely recyclable, which is convenient.

The box also contains a decent quality food scoop and a “puptainer” that you can use to store defrosted dog food.

Packaging (5/10)

Frozen patties of Ollie's fresh dog food arriving in the shipping box.

Ollie dog food comes vacuum-sealed in thick patties with an easy peal tab. Each food pack I received weighed 1.5 lb to 1-3/4 pound depending on the recipe, which is more than other brands. Although this is not convenient if you’re only looking to thaw a small amount, the food stays fresh for four days in the fridge once defrosted.

Price (5/10)

Ollie’s fresh dog food comes is at about $6 per pound according to my calculations (before applying my discount). This is a bit cheaper than other brands like The Farmer’s Dog ($7/lb) and A Pup Above ($13/lb) but not as cheap as PetPlate and Nom Nom ($4/lb).

My Recommendation

I wouldn’t recommend that you buy Ollie for your dog. If you’re looking for quality, the fresh dog food recipes from The Farmer’s Dog taste much better and they are similarly priced to Ollie ($7/lb vs $6/lb). If you’re looking for great value, Nom Nom‘s recipes taste fantastic and come in at about $4/lb.

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The Nitty-Gritty on Ollie’s Fresh Dog Food Recipes

Calorie Content of Ollie Dog Food Recipes

Recipeskcal ME/kg

Source: https://www.myollie.com/fresh-dog-food/

Guaranteed Analysis

RecipesCrude Protein (% min)Crude Fat (% min)Crude Fiber (% max)Moisture (% max)

Source: https://www.myollie.com

Estimated Nutrient Content

Guaranteed Analysis9%7%2%NA
Dry Matter Basis30%23.3%6.7%38%

Source: https://www.myollie.com/fresh-dog-food/beef/

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ollie good for dogs?

Ollie’s recipes are vet-formulated and meet AAFCO standards for all stages of life [1].

How much does Ollie dog food cost per month?

I prefer to evaluate fresh dog food on a $/lb basis. That said, my research indicates average cost per month to be ~$60/month for small dogs, ~$105/month for dogs weighing 10-20 lbs, and ~$363/mo for dogs weighing 80-100 lbs.

Is Ollie’s dog food processed?

No. Ollie’s fresh dog food is cooked at low temperatures in small batches in USDA kitchens [1].

Is Ollie’s dog food raw or cooked?


Can you refreeze Ollie Dog Food?

Yes, but refreezing will likely impact the texture and shelf life. My advice (Disclosure – I am not a veterinarian): it should be avoided, and meals re-frozen once should be eaten ASAP after thawing. Don’t refreeze a second time.

Where does Ollie get their meat from?

Their beef, chicken, and turkey are sourced from the United States. The lamb is sourced from the United States, New Zealand, and Australia [1].

What are Ollie’s return policies?

Ollie offers a money-back guarantee on your starter box [2].

What is the shipping policy of Ollie Dog Food?

Ollie ships dog food to the 48 contiguous states of the USA [1].

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