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Nom Nom Dog Food Review: My 2023 Report After Eating Two Recipes

Nom Nom Dog Food is dedicated to making restaurant-grade, high-quality fresh dog food for dogs of all breeds and sizes using all-natural ingredients like cooked beef, potatoes, and tons of delicious and nutritious vegetables.

Their website contains a large collection of positive reviews about their dog food delivery service that sends pet parents the best nutritious fresh dog food, but I wanted to take a look for myself. Let’s take this journey together to see what Nom Nom Dog Food brings to our precious pups—specifically on Quality, Convenience, and Cost.

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Quality (Aggregate score = 9/10)

To get a full idea of Nom Nom’s level of quality, I dug deeper on the appearance, smell, taste, and ingredients used for two recipes, the Beef Mash and Chicken Cuisine.

Appearance (10/10)

A close up image of Nom Nom | The Pampered Pup's Beef Mash (left) and Chicken Cuisine (right) fresh dog food recipes.

Nom Nom has one of the best-looking fresh dog foods out there. All dishes have visibly large chunks of ingredients that clearly demonstrate the fresh, whole ingredients that comprise the recipes. The meat, vegetables like potatoes, carrots, green peas, and other ingredients are quite distinguishable just by looking at the food—which appears more like human food than dog food.

Smell (9/10)

Fresh dog food reviewer Zach Lovatt performing a smell test on Nom Nom | The Pampered Pup's Beef Mash and Chicken Cuisine fresh dog food recipes.

Both Nom Nom dishes give off a pure aroma of fresh food. The beef and chicken dishes both elicit a clean smell from the proteins and the other ingredients. Neither give off unpleasant aromas, nor any notable herbal smell that would indicate strong seasonings.  

Taste (9/10)

Reviewer Zach Lovatt performing a taste test on Nom Nom | The Pampered Pup's Beef Mash and Chicken Cuisine fresh dog food recipes.

The most impressive thing to note about the Nom Nom dishes is the texture of the food. You can actually taste each meal component so you know what you are eating. Each ingredient is distinguishable in terms of its texture and fresh taste—something dogs would surely enjoy gobbling up. Although a little bit on the bland side and not as flavorful as some other fresh dog food brands, generally the freshness in the taste of Nom Nom is impressive.

Ingredients (7/10)

As seen and tasted in the beef and chicken meals, Nom Nom’s ingredients are fresh and whole—there are zero fillers or preservatives.  The human-grade meat and vegetables are gently cooked individually, then mixed in batches. 

Nom Nom recipes are designed by Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists, using whole ingredients with a nutrient mix so that they meet AAFCO standards.

The food is made in US kitchens in Nashville, TN and the San Francisco Bay Area. However, the kitchens do not appear to be USDA certified—something that many other fresh dog food brands have.

The protein content of each recipe ranges 7%-10%, which is a little lower than typical but not a lot. This probably helps account for lower price tag as protein tends to be more expensive.

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Convenience (Aggregate score = 8/10)

On the basis of convenience, I evaluated my own experience with Nom Nom when it comes to Purchasing, Shipping, and Packaging.

Purchasing (7/10)

A screenshot of Nom Nom | The Pampered Pup's website account dashboard showing the subscription cancellation process.

Nom Nom requires a subscription to purchase their fresh dog food from their website. To get started you fill out a questionnaire to determine your dog’s nutritional requirements, including any health concerns. This way Nom Nom can create a unique profile for your dog which will be the basis for a customized meal plan. Cancellation of the subscription is easy through the dashboard.

Shipping (7/10)

Nom Nom | The Pampered Pup's cardboard shipping box containing the fresh dog food on a doorstep.

Nom Nom’s shipping is sufficiently fast, although not as fast as other fresh dog food brands such as The Farmer’s Dog. I placed my order with Nom Nom on a Friday and it was scheduled for delivery the following Saturday. Due to an error on the shipper’s end the dog food didn’t arrive until Monday, but in either case it was 5 business days between placing my order and receiving the shipment.

Due to the shipper’s delay, the dry ice was completely gone. Surprisingly, the food was still frozen, which means that the food was packed really well.

The shipping materials and insulation are completely recyclable, which is a nice touch.

Packaging (9/10)

A package of Nom Nom | The Pampered Pup's beef mash fresh dog food recipe on a scale showing a weight of 391 grams.

When you get your Nom Nom delivery, the food comes in 400g packages with easy-peel tabs. Each package is a good amount of food to defrost as one meal, but if it’s too much for your dog, thawed food can stay fresh in the fridge for up to 7 days.

Cost (10/10)

Nom Nom’s fresh dog food comes in at about 4$/lb according to my calculations (that’s before applying my discount). This is on the low end of the spectrum, the only other fresh dog food that I’ve tried that is comparable in price is PetPlate.

My Recommendation

If you’re looking for great-tasting fresh dog food at an excellent price, then Nom Nom is probably your best bet. If the quality of the dog food is your highest priority and you don’t mind spending a little bit more, you might want to check out The Farmer’s Dog. The difference in taste between Nom Nom and The Farmer’s Dog isn’t huge, and the price difference can easily justify choosing Nom Nom over The Farmer’s Dog. If you decide to go with Nom Nom, make sure to use my link below to get a discount:

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The Nitty-Gritty on Nom Nom’s Fresh Dog Food Recipes

Calorie Content of Nom Nom Recipes

Beef Mash1239182
Chicken Cuisine1255206
Pork Potluck1246177
Turkey Fare1479201

Source: https://www.nomnomnow.com/dog-food-recipes

Guaranteed Analysis

RecipesCrude Protein (% min)Crude Fat (% min)
Crude Fiber (% max)
Moisture (% max)
Beef Mash84177
Chicken Cuisine8.56177
Pork Potluck75275
Turkey Fare105172

Source: https://www.nomnomnow.com

Macro-Nutrient Content in Nom Nom Recipes

Source: https://www.nomnomnow.com/site/nutrient-calculator

Frequently Asked Questions

Has Nom Nom Dog Food been recalled?

At the time of writing, Nom Nom’s dog food has never been recalled. Nom Nom’s cat food was voluntarily recalled one time on July 8th, 2021 due to potential Listeria contamination from an ingredient used according to the Food Industry Counsel [1].

Why is Nom Nom so expensive?

Actually, Nom Nom is one of the cheapest fresh dog food brands that I’ve tried when evaluated on a $/lb basis. Of course, fresh dog food is usually more expensive than kibble due to the quality of the ingredients, manufacturing practices, and shipping/storage requirements.

Does Nom Nom comply with AAFCO standards?

Yes, their meals are formulated to meet AAFCO’s nutritional standards for dogs in all life stages, including large dogs [2]. Perfect for meeting the dietary needs of large, hyperactive breeds like Labrador Retrievers, even when they’re still puppies.

Do dogs like Nom Nom?

My friend’s Doberman loves it!

Is Nom Nom vet-approved?

Nom Nom’s recipes are formulated by Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionists. Their Chief Scientific and Medical officer Dr. Justin Shmalberg is a Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionist [3].

Do you warm up Nom Nom?

Not required, but you can microwave it for 15-20 seconds to make it more enticing for picky eaters [4].

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