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Indian Dog Names

Indian dog names are becoming more and more popular among dog owners, thanks to fun monikers like Akash, Amiya, Arjun, and even Baloo. If you have a new dog and you’re one of those who find something inexplicably enchanting about Indian names, read on.

Naming your dog is a deeply personal act, both for the dog and for yourself as an owner. While many people like to name their dogs after things they’ve seen or read, some people are more interested in naming their dogs after things that reflect their own heritage. I know I’ve been drawn in by that, although my own heritage is all over the place. Whether or not you are Indian, there is something to this culture for pet names. While those from Indian backgrounds might want to find something that honors their own backgrounds, others who appreciate the culture of India may also find ways to make use of names from one of India’s many languages, like Bengali, Hindi, Punjabi, or even ancient Sanskrit. If you’re looking for an Indian name for your dog, there are plenty of ways to find inspiration.

This list of the best Indian dog names I’ve put together are made up of choices near the top of various categories, but they all have their roots either in India or in Indian culture. Some of these names might be very familiar to you even if you didn’t grow up speaking one of India’s languages, while others might be rare even among those who are native to the subcontinent. You can find everything from figures from Hindu theology and ancient history right down to Indian cuisine and other icons of Indian culture. Whatever sort of name you’re looking for, you’ll find what you need here. 

The Best Indian Dog Names Based on Different Naming Conventions

It’s always important to remember that the name that you choose for your dog is more than just a series of sounds. This name is going to reflect a great deal of how you feel about your dog and your dog’s personality, so don’t be afraid to look a little deeper into the meaning of various Indian names and words in order to find something that works for your pet. 

Rather than just looking at things alphabetically, this list divides up the names based on a number of concepts. If you’re looking for a specific sort of name, you should be able to find it under the relevant heading.

Indian Dog Names Based on a Dog’s Personality or the Emotions They Inspire

Woman doing yoga beside her dog. | The Pampered Pup

Sometimes the best way to name your dog is to think about how he or she makes you feel. I personally find that this forges a more personal bond between you and your dog. After all, dogs can sense our emotions to a degree, and it’s best to give them a name that’s charged with warmth and affection each time you call it out to them. Another good way, though, is to think about the kind of personality that he or she might have. Fortunately, the languages of India offer a wealth of unique Indian dog names for whatever emotions your dog might invoke. The names in this section are all descriptors of various sorts, which can help you to let others know a little bit about your dog every time that you decide to call him or her.

If your dog is guileless and friendly, you might want to think about naming him or her Adil or Hardik, both of which means sincere in Hindi.

A dog that seems perpetually ready for a treat, though, might better be named Asha (from Sanskrit, meaning hope or wish).

A dog that seems to always be happy might be best named Amiya (delight or delightful in Hindi).

Looking for a good name for a diva of a dog? Devi (goddess) might be a good fit for you.

One that you think is going to win all of the contests might better be named Dakshi (“The Glorious”).

A name often given to a beautiful young girl is Sakari (sweet or lovely in Hindi)

A female puppy who seems perpetually happy might make you want to call her Smita (happy face or ever smiling lady in Hindi). 

Need a good name for a dog that costs you a lot of money? Try Amir, which means rich or prince in several languages.

A calm dog who nothing seems to shake could be called Nirav (still or calm in Hindi).

Indian Dog Names Based On Appearance

Are you the kind of person who would rather give your dog a name that’s more descriptive of their appearance? Luckily, there are quite a few Indian words that can help you out in the naming process.

If you just want to tell the world how good-looking your dog is, you can choose between the Hindu names Lalit (handsome) or even Mohan (attractive).

Colors are fairly easy to find nice-sounding names for. A great name for a golden retriever or a yellow Labrador retriever is definitely Sona (golden) while a Husky or Poodle might be named Arjun (white).

When it comes to size, you have a few choices. A particularly big dog might be named Bari, which means “great” or “free” in Hindi.

Lamba, meaning “tall” in Punjabi, is a another fantastic name for a larger dog with a striking stature, while thinner dogs might go by Yasti, which is a feminine name meaning “slim”.

Akash, meaning sky in Hindi, is a great dog name for dogs who invoke a feeling of soaring, whether it be because of their coloration or their demeanor.

Other celestial names include Indra (the king of heaven in Hindu mythology) is one of the best male Indian dog names for good-looking pups.

Jihan (“the world” in Hindi) might be a good choice to tell the world that your handsome little boy is, in fact, your world.

Chandra (“shining moon” in Sanskrit and other Indian languages), is a gender-neutral name that’s great for a dog with a shiny, silvery-white or bright white/yellow coat.

Bala is a gender-neutral Sanskrit word meaning “youthful”, and is fantastic for puppies that are spontaneous with a spring in their step.

Batuk (boy) and Beta (son) are Hindi terms of endearment for male children, and you might find them to be a great name for your very first male dog. The equivalent female dog names would be Ladki, meaning daughter in Hindi; and Priya (darling/dear), a common term of endearment for girls in the same language.

One of the simplest yet sweetest female Indian dog names is Champak, which means flower.

A dog who loves the water could be named Goa (a state in southwestern India renowned for its beautiful beaches), while one born in the spring could be Holi or Falgun, which both pertain to spring in Hindi and Bengali, respectively.

A male dog who is going to be spoiled could be your little Kumar (prince) or Raja (king).

Need a new best friend? Name your dog Sumit, which is a male name meaning “good friend” in Devanagari.

Have a pup that looks like he’ll grow up to be a tough guard dog? He or she might be a perfect Parth/Partho, named for the hero of the Mahabharata, also known as Arjun. It’s the perfect name for a warrior prince who never misses.

Mani, which means a decoration of gems in Sanskrit, is perhaps the best Indian dog name for a pup that you treat like a little jewel.

A treat-loving dog, on the other hand, could be amusingly called Haddi, which means bone in Hindi.

Indian Dog Names Inspired By Animals

Some pet lovers I know really love to name their pets after other animals. If you’re much the same, you’ll find that the wide range of wildlife of the subcontinent will give you many names, from cute-sounding to intimidating, and some of which you might be more familiar with others. If you need an Indian animal name to put on your dog’s harness tag, there’s plenty to choose from.

A great place to start is with a whimsical bear many Disney fans know and love: Baloo.

Prefer monkeys to bears? That means you’ll be looking for the Hindu word Bandar. This word is also used as a nickname for a mischievous boy, which is perfect if your little pup can often be a handful.

Kutta is the general word for a dog in Hindi, but it can be a great name if you don’t live in an area that speaks the language. Be careful with this if you do live among people who speak Indian languages, as it is also used as a vulgar word in those tongues.

Some of the most popular animal names to come out of India are names of famous tigers. Many tigers that have made a name for themselves have been female, and so they’re a great source for female dog names if your pet has a ferocious streak. You have names like Machali, hailed Tiger Queen in Ranthambore; and Collarwali, dubbed the “super mom” of Pench Wildlife Reserve due to her birthing 29 cubs over her 16-year lifetime.

For males, the name Bamera, after the tiger affectionately titled the Hulking Giant of Bandhavgarh, is great if you want to call attention to their strength and imposing stature. While tiger names may fit cats better, plenty of dogs exhibit enough cat-like and indeed tiger-like attributes to be good candidates for such names.

More Common Names in English

English has taken an awful lot of loan words from India. In fact, some of them are so common that you might not realize that they’re not native to the language. These names can be great if you’re looking for something that might be easier to remember but that still has some Indian flair.

Bangle — from the Hindu Bangali or Bangri, which are ornamental armbands — is a great name for a dog that has pretty markings on their legs.

Those who are looking for something more luxurious might like Cashmere. This works especially well if your dog’s coat actually looks like cashmere wool.

Cardamom, Chai, and Chutney are all great food-based names for a dog, as are Cinnamon and Dosa.

Paneer and Pashmina are also very quaint food-based names.

Keeping with the food theme are Masala, Naan, Pakora, and Saffron.

Samosa can also be great names for dogs, as can Toddy, Turmeric, or even Vindaloo.

Looking for something that’s a little more floral? Why not try out Rajamani (Rose), Padma (Lotus), or Jasmine?

If you’re looking for something more spiritual, Karma is a classic, although some would say a tad tacky. Namaste, Yoga, and Yogi are other good names on the spiritual side of things.

The Most Popular Indian Names for Female Dogs

Looking for a great name to embroider into your female dog’s sweater? You’ll want to try out these names that have all managed to crack the Top 1000 List of most popular dog names. 

White blossom. | The Pampered Pup

So, which names make the list for Indian dog names? The most popular is Jasmine by far, followed closely by Karma and Cinnamon. Coconut is another name that tends to be very popular, with Tara pulling up last in the top five.

Top 5 Most Popular Indian Names for Male Dogs

At the very top of this list is Raja, which definitely makes sense. After that is Yogi (which may have more to do with the bear), then Tiger, Baloo, and Mowgli round out the end of the top five. 

How to Choose the Perfect Indian Dog Name for Your Pet

While there are definitely a lot of names on this list, these aren’t close to all of the Indian names that you could give your dog. There are millions of other names, ranging from those of people and places to those that come from common words, foods, and activities. There are honestly more choices than any one person could ever need. What’s more important than having the names available, though, is making sure that you actually pick the right name for your dog. 

Choosing a name for your dog isn’t nearly as easy as choosing a treat for him or her. You need to use your imagination to find something that not only fits your personality, but that fits the personality of your dog. You have more time than you might think to settle on a name for your pet, so make sure that you give the whole process some real thought. If you’re willing to give it your all, you’ll definitely find a name that you will come to love almost as much as your dog loves you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the number 1 dog name?

At the moment, the most popular name in the United States for a dog is Bella. Bella has been at the top, or near the top, of the list for female dogs for some time but it has also climbed to be the top name overall. The most popular name for a male dog, by the way, is Charlie. 

2. What are some unique dog names?

Virtually any word that you can think of can be a unique dog name. Choosing a word in a foreign language can be a great way to call your dog something unique, even if it ends up being something that is very common in that language. A great example is how an Indian name like Batuk could seem very unique in a country that doesn’t have a large Indian population, but the name itself just means boy. 

3. What is a good name for a boy dog?

Any name that seems like a good name for a boy dog is probably a good name. If you’re looking for the most popular one, though, that’s going to be Charlie. Most people tend to look at human names for their dogs, but there are also plenty of people who name their dogs after places, things, or even other animals. There’s a reason, after all, that Tiger has been such an enduringly popular name for male dogs over the last several decades.

4. What are the top 10 male dog names?

The top ten names for male dogs do change every year, but the 2020 list is remarkably similar to those lists that came before. Charlie is currently the highest-ranked dog name, but it’s neck and neck with Max. After that are Charlie, Cooper, Buddy, Milo, Bear, Rocky, and Duke. 

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