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How Much Does A Dog Tracker Cost? Price Guide For Pet Owners

Key Takeaways

  • The cost of dog trackers will depend on factors such as subscriptions and special features.
  • Dog trackers range from $25-$250, depending on the features and capabilities.
  • Other GPS dog collars work as dog health monitors as well.

How much does a dog tracker cost? A dog tracker cost will have factors that include whether you require a subscription, if the tracker is shock and water-proof, and of course the durability. After much research, I found that average dog tracker costs will range from a minimum of $25-$35 to $250.

Those who ask how much dog GPS trackers cost find that subscriptions increase the basic price by a modest amount. Average monthly subscription costs range from $2-$10 every month. I also like to warn pet parents that there may also be additional fees that help cover maintenance. Radio frequency pet trackers costs about $100 per device and need no subscriptions, however, these use an older technology that is not as efficient as today’s best dog GPS tracker collar brands.

If you prefer to spend less money upfront, you may like GPS dog collars that comes without a monthly subscription. However, if you opt to forgo a product with a monthly subscription, you will probably prefer a unit that has a full warranty from the manufacturer.

These costs apply to units that fit on a dog’s collar and have a GPS tracking feature. Some dog owners, for convenience, may wonder about the possibility of an implanted microchip instead. However, as we will see, there are reasons a GPS pet tracker on a collar may be the best option.  

Using a Dog GPS Tracker With or Without a Subscription – Which is Best for Your Dog?

The right GPS pet tracker is always helpful for keeping you alert to your pet’s location. In an ideal situation, you can intercept your dog before she strays too far out of bounds. Dog collar trackers are also quite visible. Anyone who sees pet GPS trackers on a dog will know that it belongs to someone likely to come looking for the pup.

However, these devices do not come with health and wellness monitoring by default—features only the best dog activity monitors have. Some pet parents have more reason to monitor their dog’s health and fitness than others. For most dog owners, the primary purpose of a GPS collars is knowing their furry friend’s location. Anyone who lives with a dog that likes to roam will find keeping track of their pooch’s location of primary importance. Some pet parents look for trackers with long battery life.

How much does a dog tracker cost?

Subscription-based GPS pet trackers open up new possibilities, including monitoring your dog’s health. Such devices are perfect for people trying to manage their dog’s weight and exercise level. If your dog gets a lot of exercise during hot weather and you’re concerned about overexertion, a tracker can be a great way to make sure she stays safe. There are plenty of choices for your specific goals for your dog.

Your decision will ultimately depend on whether your goals are primarily about tracking your dog’s location or tracking the location plus monitoring her wellness. Any dog GPS collar will help you find your pet in the event of wandering, especially those with the lost dog mode, even though some trackers are better than others. However, if you’re interested in monitoring your dog’s wellness, too, you won’t go wrong with other pet gps trackers that use subscriptions. There are also devices that you can set up as containment systems like the best GPS dog fences to limit your dog’s movements in certain areas. This works like invisible dog fence systems but with real-time location tracking among other features. All of these features can be found in the best smart dog collar—a bit more pricey but has all-around capabilities for Fido’s safety, health and wellness.

Similarly, an implanted microchip can help you find your lost dog [1] if she should be found by someone who thinks to have her scanned for a chip. However, these chips do not currently allow real-time tracking.  

What is the Cost of a Dog Tracker Up Front?

Dog trackers may cost between $25-$250, depending on the features and capabilities that you want the most. In many cases, trackers that help you monitor your dog’s location alone cost about $25-$25, a relatively small investment for greater peace of mind. There are also trackers that require no subscription but do support apps to help you track your dog’s wellness. 

Microchips might cost $40-$50 to implant at a vet’s office. However, some vets and shelters will do microchips at a low cost or for free. 

Although subscription fees are not terribly high in and of themselves, they are an extra cost that you need to keep in mind. You might pay $2-$10 a month, depending on the features you want to use for tracking your dog. Because you need to keep these costs paid to continue access to the tracking features, you’ll need to think about whether these costs will be a problem. 

If you’re not sure about a monthly subscription but want to be able to monitor your dog’s health, app-supported trackers may be a good solution. One thing that is helpful to keep in mind is that some apps may have fees. You’ll need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of both these options before making a choice.

In any case, you will get your money’s worth for investing in one of these tracking devices. You’ll have the peace of mind that comes from being able to tell where your dog is. Having off-leash time be a significant cause of worry will be a thing of the past. 

What Extra Features Do Subscriptions for Dog Trackers Include?

The subscription features vary depending on the tracker brand. One of the most popular features is tracking pets based on how far your dog goes during walks. If you’re trying to manage your dog’s weight, knowing the walking distance can help make a difference. 

Man and dog playing.

Some of the more sophisticated features a subscription may offer include tracking your dog’s activity level in accordance with the breed, sex, and size. Another helpful feature that some of these subscriptions offer is letting you know if the dog is too hot or cold.

Although the choice about which features are best for your dog is yours alone to make, having multiple options makes this choice easier. Subscription-supported trackers currently provide the best range of features. However, app-supported trackers are likely to become more popular with time.

Microchip makers may charge small fees each month for monitoring. However, these chips do not provide wellness monitoring.


How much does it cost to get a tracker in a dog?

A microchip usually costs $40-$50 to be implanted, at the most, while a GPS dog tracker collar ranges from $25-$250.

How much does a GPS dog tracker cost?

A GPS dog tracker may cost $25-$250.

How much does it cost to GPS microchip a dog?

Implanted microchips cost up to $50.

Do all pet trackers have a monthly fee?

Some dog trackers do not have monthly fees.

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