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Halo 3 Dog Collar Review (Why This Might Be a Game Changer)

Halo 3 promises some HUGE improvements over the Halo 2+. From GPS Antennas, to PerfectFit, real-time location tracking, and a new charging system—this is Halo 3, the collar that could very well be the future of dog tracking tech. In this unboxing and first impressions Halo 3 dog collar review, I’ll dissect each feature to help pet owners decide if this is the collar your tech-savvy (or not-so-tech-savvy) dog deserves.

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What’s Inside the Halo 3 box?

  • Quick start guide
  • The collar
  • USB-C charging cable and port
  • Static correction prongs (long and short)
  • Halo indoor Bluetooth Beacon
  • A magnetic charging base (which attaches flawlessly to the collar’s charging port)
  • A tool to adjust the collar’s length

Setting Up The Halo 3

How does the halo collar work? The setup process for the Halo 3 was quick and painless—just over 6 minutes for me. That said, I already had the Halo app downloaded and ready to go. So if you’re new to Halo dog collar, expect a bit more time. 

Initializing GPS for the Halo Collar 3.

Right off the gate, you’ll sync up with satellites. This took me about half a minute. Updates for satellite data and software will auto-install whenever available while you charge your dog’s collar. For Halo collar GPS system to start working, take the collar outdoors, sky in full view, and do a little jiggle-walk. It took me around a minute and 20 seconds to get strong GPS location services. The Halo collar app will guide you. Trust me, that’s fast. The Halo 2+ typically took me about 10 minutes or so.

What’s New With Halo 3?

When I first did a Halo dog collar review, I was not overwhelmingly impressed with its GPS tracking in the past. I’m still traumatized by getting unfairly shocked by the Halo 2+ during boundary tests. But it looks like Halo’s been listening to its users and decided to make some real changes when it comes to tracking your dog’s location. They’re calling it PrecisionGPS.

Halo 3 PrecisionGPS

Borrowing a leaf from SpotOn (read my Halo vs SpotOn comparison review), Halo now leans on AI to up its location game. Halo’s even claiming it’s the best virtual fence ever created. Bold words that I’ll put to the test soon. And hey, if you own a Halo 2+, this feature will be pushed through via a firmware update.

Active GPS & Real-time Location

Active GPS Antenna is all about boosting GPS reception with more satellites. Better coverage could mean more play areas for your furry companion.

Real-time location updates of the Halo 3 GPS dog collar now refresh every second in the app. I tested the GPS reception of Halo 3 as well as how real the real-time location is. Check out my Halo 3 Collar Reviews #3: PrecisionGPS & Debunking 250 sq ft article. Also Included here is a test for indoor Halo Beacons.

All Carrier Coverage Worldwide

A dog looking out of a car window and a man driving.

For globe-trotters and their dogs, this is golden. Halo 3 auto-connects to the strongest carrier anywhere you go. And the best part? No extra charges. Imagine iPhones having this? Our dogs are stepping up in the tech world.

To truly put this to the test, some international travel is needed for another Halo collar review. Halo, if you’re reading, my passport’s at the ready, and my bag’s packed.


The newest Halo collar comes with tools that are part of the PerfectFit system aimed at nailing the collar size down to the T so it fits every dog’s exact neck size. On comparing the Halo 3 with Halo 2+, there’s extra material for a customizable fit strap, making it slightly heavier—we’re talking grams.

Halo’s how-to video made it seem easy, so I gave it a quick shot, but the silicone strap gave me a hard time. It doesn’t slide over itself freely as a nylon strap would.

Charging Base & Durability

Though Halo 2+ and 3 look like twins, the 3 boasts stronger materials. Even the prong threads are beefier, eliminating the break-off issues seen in the 2+.

The new charging point is also fully sealed—no more water or debris damage, a prevalent issue many pet owners found in the original Halo collar.

New leash hook location for the Halo collar 3.

The leash hook seemed to have been slightly moved. At first, I thought it was an improvement because a lot of people have been saying how bizarre its location is. But nope, it’s somehow worse now. But I guess a leash is against the philosophy of an invisible fence, so we’ll let it slide.

Battery Life

Halo’s claiming a 20% battery boost, which means up to 24 hours of juice. I’ll be testing this soon.

New Colors

They’ve rolled out Orchid and Sunburst, in addition to Graphite and Ivory Halo collars. Considering dogs can’t tell Orchid from Onion, this is more for the human eye.


A screenshot from the Halo website showing the price for the Halo Collar 3.

With all these upgrades, you’d expect a price hike. But no, Halo’s kept it stable. Good on them.

Halo 3 Review Summary

So, there you have it. Overall, I’m definitely impressed. Halo seems to have stepped up their game in a big way. Gone are the days when their dog training materials were the only thing worth mentioning.

I’ve never been this pumped to actually give a Halo collar a whirl. Obviously, I’ll be the one wearing it, trying out all its features, pushing the GPS to its limits, and, let’s hope, avoiding any shocks in part two of my Halo 3 dog collar reviews.

The biggest question to be answered for dog owners is whether upgrading from the Halo 2+ to the Halo 3 is worth it since the GPS tech is coming to the 2+. In the other review, I compared both the Halo 2+ and 3, especially focusing on GPS capabilities, which seem to be the major improvement so make sure to check out my extended Halo collar reviews. Here I put Halo 3’s features to the test such as creating virtual fences with the GPS collar, the strength of the collar, battery life, and more.

But if you can’t wait, use my link to get the best deal I know of. I’ll include any coupons or discounts I come across down there.

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