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Halo 3 Dog Collar Reviews #2 (Is It The Best GPS Dog Fence Yet?)

Since I first received the Halo 3 collar, I have continuously run tests to get an in-depth review of its key features, including its PrecisionGPS, PerfectFit system, and more. My quick opinion? Well, I’m genuinely impressed. Some features have improved dramatically, and some stayed the same.

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For full details on my first impressions and what’s inside the Halo package, as well as my initial setting up experience, check out my Halo 3 Dog Collar unboxing review.

Features and Field Tests

PrecisionGPS and Other Location Tech

The star of the show in this new Halo collar is, hands down, the location tech. The new PrecisionGPS uses AI to zero in on your dog’s whereabouts. SpotOn has been in this game for a bit, and if Halo dog collar’s tech is anything like that, we’re talking a major boost in location accuracy. 

Halo’s even declared the Halo 3 the best GPS dog fence to date. Stay tuned for a more in-depth Halo dog collar review, I’ll be hitting the field to see if they can back up that big talk.

Another upgrade to location tech is the Active GPS Antenna. Its job? To pull in a strong satellite signal even in sketchy areas or where there’s stuff in the way.

For the globetrotters among you who can’t leave your dogs behind, get this: Halo 3 has global carrier coverage at no extra cost. Translation: anywhere dog owners can get a cell signal, this collar will latch onto the strongest carrier for continued GPS location services. And you don’t have to lift a finger to make it happen. Really cool! I wish our cell phones had this.

Then there’s real-time location tracking. Halo claims it’s the quickest and most accurate you can find on any GPS dog collar out there.

Alright, lots of bold statements here. I have put them to the test, so keep reading to find out more about them.


Halo’s instructional video makes sizing the collar look easy. Just scan the QR, and you’re good to go. Except you’re not.

The customizable fit strap sticks to itself like cling film creating a whole lot of friction as you pull. The result? On, off, adjust. On, off, adjust. It ate up nearly 7 minutes. Just think how a jumpy pup would handle all that drama.

Halo Collar 3 PerfectFit system with crimping kit.
Halo Collar 3 PerfectFit system with crimping tool.

Once you’re done, there’s gonna be a tail of the strap just begging to be chewed. Enter the crimping kit. Here’s the head-scratcher, though. Halo claims their PerfectFit system lets the collar grow with your dog. But if you have to snip off the extra length, how will it do that?

Cutting and crimping are straightforward enough. Just watch out for those sharp edges inside the crimps. They say to open it to a 90-degree angle. You’d think they’d just make it that way to begin with, but no. Once you’ve risked your fingertips to set it right, just place it inside the crimper.

Put that loose end inside the crimper, give it a good squeeze, and you’re done. Tuck away the extra bit, and it’s all set for your dog’s neck.

Drawing The Fence

To check the virtual fence post accuracy, I used actual landmarks—like trees—as reference points. Honestly, I wish these posts would just auto-drop as I move. And unless there’s new information out there, we’re still capped at 20 fence posts. So while you can get Halo fences that are reasonably well-tailored to your needs, you’re a bit restricted on the detail level. That said, the location accuracy is a big step up from the Halo 2+. See my Halo 3 Collar Reviews #4: How To Set Up Fences (Avoid This!).

Looped back to my starting point, saved the fence, and that was that. Solid job. Now, let’s really see if this GPS fence is all it’s cracked up to be.

Boundary Test

So I took the newest Halo collar outdoors and tested it’s GPS accuracy. Most of the time during the boundary test, I get the boundary feedback before it switches to emergency feedback. I sometimes get the warning feedback first, too. But it’s inconsistent. Like, I’ll get a warning, stop dead in my tracks, and then it’ll jump to boundary feedback. Ideally, I’d like it to flow from warning to boundary and then to emergency, predictably.

Before we dive into testing the Active GPS Antenna and real-time location tracking, there’s something else. Halo’s founder claims fences can go as small as 250 sq. ft. That sounded questionable, so I decided to put it to the test.

GPS dog fence reviewer Zach Lovatt creates a fence with the Halo Collar 3.

I drew out a 16′ x 16′ square, that’s 256 sq ft. Then I walked the boundary twice trying to set the fence. The Halo collar app said it was too small, less than 250 sq. ft. so I manually expanded the posts until the Halo app accepted it. Then I gave it a whirl. On the first run, it got the alerts and boundaries right. On the second run, static correction with no warning. Third run, the static kicked in before I even approached the line. Long story short: the tech struggles with small spaces.

With Halo 3’s static correction—either it’s gotten gentler, or I’m just getting used to it. Compared to my Halo 2+ experiences where I had it on the default setting of 4, this feels less traumatizing. A reminder for every pet parent: any GPS fence requires a focused dog training before you can enjoy their benefits. Halo training program remains a great aid for many pet owners. Curious about other features of Halo? See my Halo Collar Fence and Beacon Test.

Real-Time Location

GPS dog fence reviewer Zach Lovatt performs a real-time location tracking test for the Halo Collar3.

I also tested Halo’s real-time location feature and was pleasantly surprised. Both the Halo 3 and the updated 2+ refresh every second or two, tracking smoothly alongside my phone. The 2+ wasn’t this accurate before, but thanks to a firmware update that brought in the new Halo collar GPS system, it’s seen a marked improvement. Always a win when tech gets a free upgrade via software updates.

Active GPS Antenna

Now, the new Active GPS Antenna is said to be designed to boost GPS reception even when you’re under tree cover or in less-than-ideal locations. 

I decided to test this in a perfectly covered location—I’ll share the detailed test in another Halo collar review soon. 


Let’s get into the durability improvements. The new charging point’s been revamped and sealed tight against water and debris—definitely an upgrade.

The static correction prongs might look the same as the Halo 2+, but the threads are beefier—a welcomed change given the issues many users have experienced where prongs just snap off, leaving the static correction function useless.

GPS dog fence reviewer Zach Lovatt performs a durability test for the Halo Collar 3.

To really test its durability, I wore the collar around my neck and did a pull test. The result? Halo 3 collar is sturdy. Even with the static correction prongs installed, the collar holds up well, and it’s not terribly uncomfortable either, even when yanking on it full tilt.

Battery Life

Halo boasted a 20% bump in battery life compared to the Halo 2+. In my side-by–side field-testing, the Halo 2+ lasted 19 hours and 10 minutes, while the Halo 3 clocked in at 20 hours and 7 minutes. That’s about a 5% increase, not 20%. And remember, my Halo 2+ is 9 months old; the battery’s not necessarily in its prime.


Let’s talk money. Good news! The Halo 3 is priced at about $700 as I’m writing, same as the Halo 2+. The Pack Member subscription starts at $5.99 per month. No hikes in pricing, so kudos for that. 

If you’re looking for the best deal on the Halo 3, hit up the link below. I’ll keep it updated with any promotions or discounts that come my way.

Is Halo 3 Collar Worth it?

If you have a Halo 2+ and are contemplating an upgrade, my short answer is a resounding “maybe.” For a more decisive take, you’ll have to check out my in-depth Halo collar reviews for each feature.

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