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Halo 3 Dog Collar Durability Test & Perfect Fit (Is It Any Good?)

Halo’s latest GPS fence, the 3rd-generation Halo 3 collar, packs serious upgrades, especially in GPS tech and pinpointing your dog’s location. The standout feature? PrecisionGPS, it’s the new and improved Halo collar GPS system now available in the 2+ version as well. That leaves durability and fit as the only real reasons to make the jump from a 2+ to a 3—and these are are the two features I will focus on this Halo dog collar review. Let’s do a Halo collar durability test and more.

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The Halo collar 3 comes with a crimping kit for its PerfectFit feature. The idea is that you can easily tweak the collar length as your pup grows into the lovely lady or dashing gentleman they’re destined to be.

The newest Halo collar looks pretty much like its predecessor, the Halo 2+. The leash hook has shifted a bit, and both the correction prongs and the collar claim to be tougher.

But here’s the real star: a magnetic wireless charging base. It sidesteps the whole mess with dirt and debris that plagued the old USB charging port.

Are these true upgrades or just small tweaks you could easily pass on? Let’s find out.

Testing The Charging Base

First up, my top pick: the charging base. It uses a USB-C cable to link to a power brick, which isn’t in the box, by the way. Very Apple. The collar snaps right onto this base, no fuss. 

Halo 3 magnetic wireless charging base.

But it’s not just about ease. This new setup offers solid defense against dirt and grime sneaking into the charging port. So, unlike the Halo 2+ with its USB port simply capped with a silicone flap, this one’s sealed tight. A smart dog collar in every way—I love it!

Testing The PerfectFit System

Now, let’s talk about getting that “perfect fit.” First, you scan a QR code that leads you to a how-to video. Seems simple enough. You try on the collar, find your fit, snip off the extra strap, spread the crimp open to 90 degrees, slide the strap end into the crimp, and give it a solid squeeze with the crimper. Bob’s your uncle!

But here’s how the Halo collar Perfect Fit really played out.

Finding the right fit isn’t a one-and-done thing. It’s like a loop of try, adjust, retry because the strap’s made of silicone. Not the slickest material. So, expect to put it on, take it off, tweak it, and repeat—it took me around 7 minutes. Good luck if you’re dealing with an actual dog here.

Once the fit’s sorted, I cut off the extra strap and got to widening that crimp to the suggested 90 degrees. It came at about 60 degrees. Why it didn’t arrive at 90 degrees is anyone’s guess.

A heads-up: use a tool to widen it. Trust me, you don’t wanna risk your fingertips; it’s sharp!

Finally, the strap goes into the crimp, then a squeeze with the crimper, and you’re golden. The end result is clean. Just tuck the extra bit away, and you’re set!

Improved Static Prongs

Next on this Halo 3 collar review, let’s talk prongs. The Halo 3 boasts stronger static correction prongs. If you’ve owned older Halos, you may have been cursed with a broken prong. Those tiny things can get stuck in the collar, and they’re a pain to get out.

At a glance, these new prongs look pretty much the same as the old ones—blue for 2+ and yellow for 3. But if you look closer, you’ll see these new prongs have beefier threads.

How to install the prongs correctly

Halo 3 static prongs and a note that says, "Install strap first. Hand tighten only."

First things first, take off the prong caps. Now, here’s the crucial bit: install the prongs by hand. Seriously, leave the tools in the drawer; you might wreck the collar otherwise.

Installing Halo 3's static correction prongs.

Twist it gently into place; no need to crank it down like you’re trying to secure Fort Knox. And hey, static correction isn’t a must. If your dog gets the hang of the training without it, you can skip it. Trust me, I’ve tried it myself—it’s NOT a tickle!

Halo Collar Durability Test

So, how does the Halo 3 fare in the real world? Pretty darn well, I must say. Even with the prongs in, the collar’s not a torture device or anything. I could feel them, but it’s not bad, even when I tugged hard.

Now, about that leash hook—I said in the unboxing, it seemed improved. Nah, scratch that. If anything, it’s more awkward now.

Want the full scoop on this new Halo collar? Read my Halo 3 Full Review.

Final Verdict

So, here’s the deal: is shelling out about 700 bucks (price as of writing) for a Halo 3 worth ditching your Halo 2+? In my book, it is. The Halo 3 is solid, well-designed, and, finally, something I can confidently recommend.

If like many dog owners, you’ve been wrestling with issues like collar fit, weak prongs, or charging hassles whether or not they’re from older Halo collars, this upgrade has your back. Expect better GPS tracking for your furry friend too!

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