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Freshpet vs. Just Food for Dogs Comparison 2023

Freshpet vs. Just Food for Dogs Comparison. | The Pampered Pup

Just Food for Dogs

Great for:

  • Diverse food options
  • Improving the quality and length of life of dogs
  • Vet support and DIY kits

Just Food for Dogs and Freshpet are two of the best dog food delivery companies dedicated to providing the highest quality pet food in the current market. They have revolutionized their approach to pet food, emphasizing that it is “food for pets,” a small but distinctive point highlighting their qualitative approach, with many signature personalized principles to pet nutrition. Aside from providing the best fresh food, Freshpet goes further by working with rescues and shelters to provide pets with the resources and food they need while increasing their visibility in the community. The ultimate goal for them is to ensure they find good homes. Just Food for Dogs, on the other hand, supplements its primary goal of fresh food for pets by supporting rescue efforts to honor pet life, initiating change in the pet food niche, using scientific evidence to make decisions, and working transparently and continuously making advocacy for pet health.

Just Food for Dogs Key Features

Just Food for Dogs. | The Pampered Pup


  • Human-grade meat ingredients
  • Very digestible
  • Certified by the USDA


  • The food is not pre-portioned
  • It is costly

Food Ingredients and Meals

Just Food for Dogs prepares its meals for pets using a balanced approach. This means that they include carbohydrates to supply an animal’s energy needs, meat for protein needs, and fresh fruits and vegetables to supply dogs with their vitamins, thiocyanates, glucosinolates, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants. Meat sources come from venison, turkey, lamb, fish, and chicken. These are supplemented with brown rice, squash, white rice, russet, vegetables, grains, and fruits. These are locally sourced, and the animals are grass-fed. 

Quality and Safety

Just Food for Dogs has teams of highly qualified and competent animal, veterinary, and nutrition specialists as part of the meal design, preparation, and storage process. They both comply with AFFCO and USDA regulations. They both utilize fresh ingredients, with the minimum time between harvesting/slaughter and food preparation. 

Needs Customization

Just Food for Dogs goes to various levels of customizing meals to the needs of the clients’ pets. Just Food for Dogs emphasizes meals that offer rehabilitative sustenance to pets. For instance, dog owners with sickly pets requiring specialized nutrition can choose from a further 12 veterinary-supported recipes that cater to renal issues, critical care, skin, joint problems, and liver and metabolic concerns in the dogs. The company also offers a feeding calculator to help dog owners determine the right amount of food to feed their pets.

Product Choices 

Just Food for Dogs offers dog owners a choice of nine daily food recipes that they make and package. There are DIY homemade food for dogs’ kits, six choices, custom diets in consultation with a veterinary team, an assortment of seven fresh, non-preserved treats, and six supplement choices. Additionally, they offer companion cat meals with two meal choices of fish, chicken, and salmon bark treats.

Freshpet Key Features

Freshpet. | The Pampered Pup


  • Use of fresh ingredients
  • No processed food or chemicals
  • Convenient delivery options


  • It has to be refrigerated
  • Small servings

High-Quality Ingredients

Freshpet utilizes meat from cows, chicken, and salmon. These ingredients are 97% sourced from Canada and the USA. Mineral and vitamin sources are shipped in from other parts of the world. Poultry meats are derived from fowl free from hormone and antibiotic interference, while fish is bought from suppliers compliant with NOAA/USDC.


Freshpet makes two types of pet foods that cater specifically to dogs and cats. This differentiation also proceeds down these two categories into many meal products for each. Their meal products are designed not only to feed dogs but guaranteed to provide them with quality health. To that end, they provide many plans and resources that attempt to work with each dog and its owner. Further, they have open kitchens available to the general public, where dog owners can enter, see the meals being prepared and pick them up. They can also talk with staff and consultants about their concerns in person. Freshpet offers meals that cater, individually, to cats and dogs. Dog owners can choose from 13 different types of pet meals considering dog size and offering various nutritional packages. Cat owners have two products available to them.


Freshpet’s kitchens are FDA and Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) certified [1], and their meals go through more than 20 safety and quality criteria before they are packaged. Their meals are steam-cooked and pasteurized to kill harmful microbes, then vacuum-sealed to avoid outside contaminants. Just Food for Dogs, additionally, abides by standards stipulated by the National Research Council (NRC).

Overview of Each Product

Freshpet is a company that offers pet food that is freshly made, utilizing naturally grown ingredients straight from farms. Its approach emphasizes the need to make pet food nutritious and unadulterated by chemical or artificial additives. It also works with animal shelters and rescues to provide animals with suitable homes. Its extensive product line provides many meal choices to pet owners based on their pet needs and preferences

Freshpet. | The Pampered Pup

Choose Freshpet If …

Your pet has a sensitive stomach. It also has great delivery options and food diversity.  Freshpet is a good choice for pet owners with dogs and cats or exclusive cat owners. The dog meals are also abundant and come in attractive packages that captivate the customer. 

Just Food for Dogs, on the other hand, is guided by the principle that good pet nutrition provides the best outcomes for such animals. Their meals are freshly-prepared, with a high degree of transparency, providing many recipes to cater to a wide variety of dog nutrition requirements.

Just Food for Dogs. | The Pampered Pup

Choose Just Food for Dogs If …

Your interests transcend pure nutrition. That is where longevity, quality of life, and disease intervention are concerned, Just Food for Dogs is a perfect choice.

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