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Dog Tooth Infection Home Treatment (Remedies and Preventions)

Like people pets also get teeth infections because the bacteria fills the dog’s mouth. If you do not brush your dog’s teeth regularly, there will be a build-up of tartar and plaque which eventually results in an infection. So it’s important to know how often you should brush a dog’s teeth. Alternatively, a tooth root abscess diagnosed by the vet can happen because of periodontal disease or if the dog breaks a tooth. The dog can even break a tooth without them even knowing it. One typical cause could be continual chewing on objects that are too hard for the teeth.

Symptoms of Dog Tooth Infection

Dogs instinctually try to hide their pain because animals that show weakness in nature can become victims to other predators. However, there are signs that the dog will not be able to hide as the abscessed tooth is very painful. The first is oral discomfort, which is still hard to pinpoint as showing weakness is not in their nature.

The second is drooling. Because of the pain and difficulties that come with tooth infection, your pup may start drooling though that is more common for cats than dogs. Bad breath can also be a potential symptom as tooth decay tends to cause halitosis [1]. That is the most usual complaint from dog owners. Even though your dog is opposed to showing pain, though, they will most likely not want to eat.

Dog tooth infection home treatment. | The Pampered Pup

Alternatively, they may eat the food more slowly when dealing with such an infection. However, their instinct not to show weakness is very strong, they might power through the pain and not give up the eating tempo.

Swelling in the face is also a potential symptom. Dental disease from tooth decay in the upper jaw may even lead to signs of respiratory disease because of the proximity of the teeth in the upper jaw to the nasal passages. The majority of dogs tend to have an infection at a young age.

Why a Broken Tooth May Lead to an Abscess

Broken teeth are a common occurrence in dogs especially when they keep chewing on very hard materials. That includes such things as bones, hard plastic toys, and metal dog crate doors.

Dogs’ teeth have enamel which is the protective surface that stops the bacteria from getting to the tissues within the tooth. A broken tooth, though, will allow foreign material to access the sensitive tissues, and the bacteria will be able to travel to the root.

Dogs that have periodontal disease also have inflamed gums that are infected with bacteria. Gum disease happens when bacteria go along the outside of the teeth to the root. That may cause an infection of the bone along with the soft tissues around the teeth.

Home Remedies for Dog Tooth Infection

Taking care of the tooth abscess at home is not the recommended approach, but it is possible. Your vet will most likely recommend pulling it because it is the cheapest option. Root canals may solve the matter, but that is usually the case if the owner wants to save the tooth. Should the veterinarian give the okay to take care of the dog at home, you can start with a saltwater solution. That means rinsing the infected area with a syringe each two to three hours.

You may also try rubbing coconut oil on the infection. Coconut oil contains agents which are anti-bacterial. It also works in such a way to soothe the infected tooth while reducing the swelling. It is safe for the dog if it eats coconut oil by mistake provided it is not in large quantities.

Alternatively, you can use a warm compress on the dog’s tooth to soothe it. That will entail warm water and a clean cloth which would be applied five to ten times every day. Due to the irritation that comes over time, your dog is probably going to want to scratch the area or rub its face on the floor. Prevent them from doing this as it only worsens the condition.

It is important to note that home remedies such as coconut oil and warm compresses are not cures for the infection. You will still have to go to the vet, especially if dental surgery is required.

How to Prevent Dog Tooth Infections

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There are two main reasons why dogs tend to get abscesses. The first is fractured teeth because of chewing on materials that are too hard for the dog. Periodontal disease is the second reason why it may happen.

It would be advisable to stop the dog from chewing on items that could break their teeth. Please find only the best chew toys for dogs and ask the vet for advice if they are anxious.

The prevention of periodontal disease is also essential for preventing cases of a dog tooth abscess. That entails brushing the dog’s teeth regularly using the best toothpaste for dogs as a means of prevention. You may also consult the veterinarian on the best diet as approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council.


Can you treat your dog’s teeth infection at home?

It is possible to alleviate the symptoms of your dog’s tooth infection with warm compresses and coconut oil, but this is not a full-proof solution.

Can a dog tooth infection go away by itself?

Considering the affected tooth gets worse over time. Only a veterinarian can help your dog. There are no full-proof remedies once the tooth gets infected.

Can a tooth infection make your dog sick?

An abscess is an infection, and if it is not treated the right way, it can go into the bloodstream. That can cause the pet to get sick and die.

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