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Cube GPS Dog Tracker Review 2024 (Is This Device For You?)



  • This is an affordable product that is a great value for money
  • It has a thin and waterproof design
  • This multifunctional tool can be used for your belongings as well as your pets
  • The battery can last up to two months
  • It is lightweight and easy to put onto a dog collar
  • This is a durable product that offers a 200-foot coverage range, even when you are under trees
  • There is no monthly subscription fee
  • It has a replaceable battery
  • You can easily connect it to the Cube tracker app
  • It allows you to multitask and do a pretty accurate live tracking for more than one of your pets


  • It only has a range of 200 feet
  • It is most effective when used inside
  • This tracker may not fit on your pet’s collar
  • You need to subscribe to monthly Verizon service
  • There is a definite range for Bluetooth in locating functionality
  • The alert is very quiet, so you may not hear it
  • You can’t recharge the battery

If you’re looking for a good pet tracker, check out the Cube GPS Tracker. I love how durable this GPS tracker is compared to other brands—it is the perfect size for dogs. In this review, I will discuss everything you need to know about Cube to help you decide it it is the right tracker for you dog.

You can actually use the Cube to track pretty much anything, and it uses GPS instead of cellular network to keep track of your pets as well as your personal items. This allows the Cube to find your lost pet or keys with the location accuracy you need and isn’t affected by a weak signal. While it doesn’t offer GPS dog fencing or virtual fence, it’s an excellent option as a simple tracker.

Features of the Cube GPS Trackers

Weight and Size

Designed to be lightweight and small in design, the Cube is easy to attach to a cat or dog collar, no matter what his neck size is. The cube itself only measures 1 ½ inch by 1 ½ inch by 0.35 inches and weighs less than three pounds. This super lightweight device is easy to put on a pet’s collar and he won’t even notice it.

Battery Life

The Cube tracker is equipped with a battery that easily lasts up to 12 months and is easy to replace for free without needing to subscribe to a plan. The battery comes with a removing tool that makes it easy to change it when you need to.


Because the Cube GPS device uses GPS to operate, it offers a 200-foot range, and you won’t have to worry about spotty cellular connections as it also works through cell tower triangulation, WiFi, and Bluetooth . Having a more reliable form of tracking will help to give pet owners peace of mind about the ability to find their lost pets. You also don’t have to worry about subscribing to any specific service or network to get all the features that this tracker offers, as you would with more advanced collars such as the Halo for dogs.

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Waterproof and Shockproof

The Cube GPS Tracker is made of a durable material that is shock and waterproof. In fact, this unit has a waterproof rating of IPX 67.


This versatile product helps to keep dogs and cats safe, but it can also be used to keep track of your phone and keys. This tracker can pretty much be used anywhere, which includes areas with trees or other obstructions.

It’s easy to lose things, but with the Cube GPS Tracker, you have an innovative way to find your lost stuff. Just tag the item, wait for the ping on your smartphone, and then find the item using GPS. It will even make your phone ring when you have your phone on silent. You can attach this tracker to other things like your jacket or purse, and the Cube will also help you to find these items up to two years after you last tagged them.

Ease of Use

The Cube GPS Tracker is also easy to use and install onto your smartphone as well as onto your dog’s collar. Remember that every collar is made differently, so if your pet’s collar is too thick to attach the tracker to, you may need to get him a thinner collar to use this helpful tracker for your pet’s safety.

Subscription and Price

While there isn’t a monthly subscription fee to operate the features of the Cube, you will find that there is a monthly service fee that is needed for the tracker’s Verizon service for operation. Data connection using the cellular service is needed too. 


This system offers a loud separation alarm that will sound if your pet nears the limits of its predetermined tracking range.

Is the Cube GPS Tracker Right for Me?


The Cube GPS Tracker is an affordable as well as a waterproof option that you can operate without needing to sign up for a monthly subscription. Cube is a good cat and dog GPS tracker, or any pet as well as any personal item for that matter. Since this is a lightweight and small tracker, you can even use it on small pets without it bothering or making them uncomfortable.  Keep in mind that it won’t function as an invisible fence for your dog, it’s primarily a tracking device with customer reviews giving it an average of 3.5 out of 5 stars on Chewy.

Simply connect the Cube GPS Tracker to a smartphone app for easy use (works for both iOS and Android app). With its 200-foot range, this tracker will begin ringing to alert you to the last location your dog was tracked to before the unit went out of its range. The app also keeps a record your dog’s location history which you can share to multiple accounts and even send custom messages. It also has a battery that can last between two to three months. If you are looking for a good budget dog tracker, the Cube will help you save a lot of money since it won’t require a subscription, but it does not come with tons of features [1].  

The Cube GPS Tracker offers easy syncing technology that easily pairs with a smartphone. This multifunctional tracker does not only provide efficient location information ideal for pets, but it’s a great choice for important and essential belongings that you tend to misplace often like a smartphone, keys, or purse.

With its waterproof rating of IP67, the Cube is a durable tracker that uses a tag and ping feature for you to get an alert to the current location of your pet or belongings. It is easy to get replaceable batteries for this intuitive and smart product that is also in a wallet-friendly budget range.

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