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GPS Dog Fences: Wireless & Invisible Pet Containment

The Best GPS Dog Fence: Halo Collar


Why We LOVE It:

  • Awesome collar – convenient for you and comfortable for your dog.
  • “Go anywhere” fence with real-time monitoring and escape notifications.
  • Built-in training from Cesar Millan.
Dog running along dirt path. | The Pampered Pup

The world around us is changing so fast, and luckily for us, it’s making life an awful lot easier. Did you know that these days you can get wireless dog fence systems with GPS technology? It may not make the headlines in your local newspaper, but it’s a technology that can be extremely helpful to dog owners across the nation.

With GPS wireless dog fences you can set boundaries for your pup. You’re not limited to the circular radius centered on the base station that has become commonplace in wireless dog fences across the marketplace. What’s more – just like with dog GPS tracker collars, with a GPS Dog Fence you can track your dog using the GPS so that you can know exactly where they are at all times. This is particularly useful if your dog happens to exceed the boundaries of the Pet containment system. You’ll be able to pull up your tracking system and find your dog before the situation gets even worse.

There are quite a few GPS dog fence systems available on the marketplace today, but as it’s a relatively new technology you do have to be careful with the products you buy. Take heed to customer ratings, as this is one of the best metrics for products that are still in the early adoption phase. We’ve rounded up some of the best GPS pet containment systems out there, and we’re about to dive into the features of our favorite products. Let’s get to it.

Our FavoriteOur Favoritetpptbl-table__imageHalo Collar
  • “Go anywhere” wireless fence
  • Real-time dog monitoring & escape notifcations
  • Built-in training by Cesar Millan
Luxury PickLuxury Picktpptbl-table__imageSpotOn Virtual Smart Fence
  • Elite GPS accuracy
  • App enabled for escape notifications and pup tracking
  • Excellent battery life
Value PickValue Picktpptbl-table__imageWagz® Freedom Smart Dog Collar™
  • Remove and recharge two batteries as needed
  • Utilizes tones and vibrations to provide correction
  • Offers activity and health monitoring as well as location tracking
Tracking OnlyTracking Only tpptbl-table__image Fi Series 2
  • Tracks activity level as well as location
  • Uses both cellular and GPS technology
  • Battery can last up to three months between charges
Runner UpRunner Up tpptbl-table__image Garmin Alpha 100 TT 15
  • Handheld GPS has a digital display
  • 18 levels of stimulation when you need to get your dog’s attention
  • Good battery life

Our Favorite: Halo Collar


Our video review offers a quick look at the Halo Collar, and we’ll dive into the details below.

Offering complete protection, The Halo Collar is a smart four-in-one dog system that was created using training methodology from dog trainer Cesar Millan, a world-renowned dog behaviorist. Designed with three goals, this dog gps collar provides communication, safety, and, most importantly, freedom. This is the only smart collar on the market that uses intuitive training, smart gps fence technology, and GPS location all in one collar.

Using real-time activity tracking, The Halo Collar is designed specially to work with the accompanying app that provides feedback to prevent your dog from danger. Using static, sound, and vibration, The Halo Collar is completely customizable and works with the way your dog learns best.

Featuring smart technology along with dog psychology, The Halo Collar uses your dog’s instincts to keep him safe anywhere he may be. This is not just partial protection like the other products on the market, this is an all-in-one smart solution that instantly creates a smart dog fence through Halo’s GPS or simply by using the Halo App.

Utilizing Cesar Millan’s expert training experience, The halo wireless dog fence provides customized feedback that is perfect for your dog. Activity training keeps your dog healthy, happy, and safe while also providing a feedback log with daily metrics on his walks, activity, and safety. Halo Collar is the best dog wireless fence and invisible dog fence wireless on the market.

The Halo Collar also uses best-in-breed GPS technology that provides next-gen location accuracy that is comparable to an autonomous car allowing you peace of mind making it our favorite among the best GPS dog fences today. And since the training aids were designed with the help of Cesar Millan himself, they’re absolutely fantastic for training complex behaviors such as tracking.

Luxury Pick: SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence


If you’re looking to go high-end, there is truly no better GPS dog fence available today than the SpotOn Virtual Smart fence. Create and store up to 10 custom fences anywhere from 0.5 to 1,000s acres in area. Great for containing your dog at home or on the go, SpotOn virtual fence offers flexibility and customization with a price that won’t grow with your fence’s size.

Setting the boundaries couldn’t be easier, either. Simply hold the wireless dog collar in your hand and hold down a button while you walk your desired perimeter, and you’re good to go. Does this sound like too much work? No problem, just use the default circular boundary and you’ll be up and running in no time. This smart gps dog collar fence uses three satellite navigation systems paired with patented True Location™ GPS technology. Connecting to 24+ satellites, SpotOn always knows your dog’s location and direction, so you’ll always know your pup is, and you can rest assured that if he does leave, he is never corrected for returning home.

The SpotOn app lets you set up your virtual fence anywhere, and it will work with any size or breed of dog. You can customize the size of the fence and choose how far from the perimeter your dog can roam before getting a warning notification on your phone.

Where the SpotOn really shines is with it’s app-enabled capabilities. You can activate and deactivate fences, track your dog’s location, and even receive instant escape notifications in the event that your dog does make their way out of the perimeter. Keeping an eye on your dog has never been easier, nor more convenient. Try it out and see what the SpotOn dog collar can do for your dog and your life today.

If you have a larger property, you can create multiple virtual fences within the app to keep your dog safe in different areas. SpotOn also offers a wide range of other features, such as GPS tracking, activity monitoring, and training tools to help you keep your dog happy and healthy.

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Value Pick: Wagz® Freedom Smart Dog Collar™


Keeping your pup safe, healthy & happy are important parts of being a pet parent. The Wagz® Freedom Smart Dog Collar™ is our choice for the “Best Value” smart collar on the market today. The collar is also very lightweight and comfortable for your dog to wear. It’s adjustable, so it will fit dogs of all sizes, and it has a built-in LED light for safety.

Using the free Wagz App on your phone, you can keep track of your pup any time, day or night – in real time. No need for a fenced-in yard anywhere you go; simply create customizable geofences that will keep your dog contained. The Wagz Freedom Smart Collar offers a removable, rechargeable battery with a back-up so that Fido never has to go without his dog collar fence. Another great feature is the use of no-shock tonal correction and vibrations to keep your dog within his boundaries. The device also offers real time GPS location tracking, and you’ll get activity and health information on your pup as well.

It’s worth noting that it is not a shock collar – it works using audible, ultrasonic and vibration signals for correction. You will need to work on some training with your dog to ensure that the corrections works as it should. However, once you’ve invested this time into your dog, the Wagz Freedom Smart Collar works well at reinforcing your property boundaries. The Wagz App does require a subscription, but the information you get from the app is well worth this expense. Overall, the Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a safe and effective way to contain their dog. It’s easy to use, it’s affordable, and it’s very effective.

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Halo, SpotOn, and Wagz General Product Feature Comparison

Item WeightApprox. 2 poundsApprox. 1.5 pounds50 grams/ 1.7 oz
Battery LifeUp to 21 hours22 hours of containment/ 14 hours of tracking time12-24 hours for mostly indoor pups, 6-12 hours for medium activity pups, 4-6 hours for active outdoor pups
Water Resistant (IP-67 rating)
Dog Neck Size10-30.5 inches10-26 inchesAny*
Minimum Dog Weight20 pounds15 pounds15 pounds

*Wagz GPS Tracker is attachable to any collar and is suitable for any dog neck size.

Halo, SpotOn, and Wagz Containment Comparison

Number of Virtual FencesUp to 20 Manual GPS FencesUp to 1,500 automatic GPS FencesVariable*
Minimum Recommended Fence/Property AreaAt least 30 feet by 30 feet (9.1 by 9.1 meters)1/2 acreAt least 40 feet by 40 feet
Maximum Area Covered By A FenceApprox. 1200 sq miles/ 3156 sq kilometersNo Maximum LimitNo Maximum Limit
GPS CoverageGPS/GNSSGPS, GLONASS, Galelio, BeidouGPS, GLONASS, Galileo

*The total number of allowable geofences for the Wagz collar is based on a combination of the total number of “points” designated within a geofence, the size of the geofences, and the number of dogs assigned to each geofence.

Halo, SpotOn, and Wagz Correction Comparison

Correction TypesAudible, Vibration, Voice commands, and Static CorrectionAudible, Vibration, and Static CorrectionAudible, Ultrasound, and Vibration
Number of Audible SoundsMultiple Audible Tones2 Audible Tones (Alert and Warning)One Beeping Audible Tone
Static Correction Levels15 Levels30 LevelsNo Static Correction
Voice CommandsDog Behaviorist Cesar Millan's Various Voice Commands
Behavior when Dog approaches Fence BoundaryDog receives Preventive Feedback* Alert Tone 10 feet from boundary, Warning Tone 5 feet from boundary and then vibration or static correction.Dog receives correction which can be an individual or combination of audible, ultrasound or vibration correction.
Action taken when Dog leaves BoundaryUser Notified and Dog receives Preventive FeedbackUser Notified and Dog receives Correction FeedbackUser Notified and Dog receives Correction Feedback

*Halo Preventive feedback consists of Warning, Boundary, and Emergency feedback which can individually be set to either audible, vibration or static correction.

Halo, SpotOn, and Wagz Cost Comparison

Price$999.00 $624.00*$1,495.00*$299.99*
Subscription PlansBasic, Silver, and Gold PlanMonthly Plan, 1-Year Plan, and 2-Year PlanMonthly Plan, 1-Year Plan, and 2-Year Plan
Subscription Plan Costs$4.49, $9.99, and $29.99 monthly for Basic, Silver, and Gold plan respectively
Monthly Plan - $9.95/Month, 1 Year Plan - $7.95/Month ($95.40/Year), 2 Year Plan - $5.95/Month ($142.80/Two years)Monthly Plan - $9.99/Month, 1 Year Plan - $99.99/Year ($8.33/Month), 2 Year Plan - $179.99/Two years ($7.49/Month)
Subscription Optional
Cellular NetworksAT&T, T-Mobile, Rogers Wireless, U.S. Cellular, Videotron, Bell, Telus Mobility Canada, TelCel/America Movil (Mexico)Verizon or AT&T LTE-MN/A**

* All prices are accurate as of 1/4/2023. Prices are subject to change and may vary based on location, available coupons, and promotions.

** The Wagz Collar uses a top-tier nationwide cellular provider for cellular service. The Wagz Collar cellular service plan is covered by your Wagz subscription. Your phone’s cellular service provider does not impact the Collar; they are independent.

Tracking Only: Fi Series 2


If you are interested in a GPS dog fence with tracking only – that is, no enforcement of the boundaries – then the Fi Series 2 is almost certainly the best fit for you. The Fi Series 2 Smart Collar can track your dog at all times, and it uses both cellular signal as well as GPS location technology to ensure you know where your dog is – and what he’s doing – at all times. The Fi Series II also includes an invisible mode, so your dog won’t be able to see the boundary fence. And unlike traditional pet fences, the Fi GPS Dog Fence is completely portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

A subscription service is required, however, but you can get alerts each time your dog leaves the invisible fence parameters. The good news is there is a free, thirty-day trial before the subscription cost kicks in. This gps dog collar is its own LTE device, so you have an advantage there – it will work on any tower in the area. The only real downfall to this collar is the fact that it is closed with a buckle. In the right conditions, the buckle could fail. The polyester collar itself should be fairly durable, however.

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Runner Up: Garmin Alpha 100 TT 15

Garmin Alpha 100 TT 15. | The Pampered Pup

Garmin have been in the GPS game as long as anyone, and their knowledge of the technology really shines through. This device is not only an invisible fence, but also a tracker and a training device. It can also support multiple collars, and will work with up to 20 dogs.

The handheld GPS has a digital display, where you can view TOPO maps and control the entire system. This system uses Garmin’s innovative Tri-Tronics technology to provide your dog with a safe and secure boundary, while also giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your pet is always within sight. For fencing capabilities, you can set up virtual boundaries and configure the device to automatically recall your dog or dogs when they have exceeded these boundaries. You can also receive an alert when this happens so pet owners can be aware and take action when your dog runs free from your invisible fence. It will even measure how fast your dog is traveling and how far they have gone.

This system works for distances up to 9 miles, and can also be used for more basic dog training. You have the option of 18 levels of stimulation when you need to get your dog’s attention, so you can use only enough so that they feel it, without overdoing the stimulation.

The Garmin Alpha 100 TT 15 has pretty good battery life and will work great for general dog containment, but where it truly shines is in training groups of dogs – whether that be for hunting or other purposes.

Garmin Sport Pro

Garmin Sport Pro. | The Pampered Pup

The last product on our list isn’t a pet fence per se, but it’s a dog training device that is so well-loved by users that we had to include it. Meet the Garmin Sport Pro, a dog training device to is as simple to use as it is effective.

The idea behind this product is simple, you can send signals to your dog when needed in the process of training them. You could think of it as a more manual dog fence. If you’re out with your dog and they go to leave the yard, you can send a signal so that they know they are getting too far.

Adjusting the signal strength is a breeze with the quick turn dial. Just select the signal strength you need and you’re on your way. Signals can vary from continuous to momentary, to vibration, and to tone only. You only need to use whatever it takes to get your dog’s attention. It even has a built-in bark limiter so that the collar doubles to help with quieting loud pups.

If you’re OK with a bit more manual training, which in all honesty may yield far greater results, then this might be a product worth considering.

The Garmin Delta Sport XC is another great option from Garmin. This one is a bit more versatile, as it can be used as both an indoor and outdoor containment system. And like the Sport Pro, it uses GPS technology to create an invisible boundary around your property.

AngelaKerry Wireless Dog System With GPS

AngelaKerry Wireless Dog System With GPS. | The Pampered Pup

The next GPS dog fence system on our list comes from the trusted brand AngelaKerry. This system utilizes GPS location to set the boundaries of the invisible fence, which has a far greater level of accuracy than traditional wireless fence systems. This unit allows you to set a boundary with an area of up to 800 meters.

The beauty of a GPS containment system versus traditional wireless dog fence technology is that it is far less susceptible to interferences either from foreign objects or uneven terrain. This means that your dog is less likely to find holes in the pet fence, and is more likely to stay safe and sound within the boundaries.

Of course, the safety of your dog is paramount when using gps wireless dog fence technologies. It’s important to be able to send electrical signals to the collar to alert the dog that they have exceeded the pet fence, but once they have you don’t want to hurt then by sending a continuous static correction for too long. Luckily, this unit is designed to stop signaling after 20 seconds, so in the worst case your dog will be relieved of the shock after a short period of time, rather than after the collar runs out of battery life.

The great thing about this wireless fence for dogs system is that it can be used just about anywhere. The AngelaKerry system is expandable, so you can add more transmitters if you need to contain a larger area. This system is also easy to install and comes with everything you need to get started. Plus, it’s backed by a one-year warranty. The collar is adjustable so it’s likely to fit your dog’s neck size. It is waterproof, so if your pup decides to go for a swim that’s not the end of the world. As long as you have a GPS signal you can use the gps systems, so it’s great for travel and vacations as well. It’s backed by a lifetime warranty, so you don’t have to worry about problems down the road.

More on Wireless Dog Fences

GPS dog fences can be a great way to go, but they’re certainly not the only technology out there. Wireless dog fences are one of the most popular pet containment products on the market. They offer a safe and reliable way to keep your pet contained in your yard without the need for a physical fence. If you’re interested in learning more, make sure to read our page here at The Pampered Pup to help you find the best invisible dog fence for your pup and your yard so that you can stop worrying about all of these technical details and get back to enjoying time with your favorite four-legged friend. You can also see the main differences between wired and wireless invisible fence systems if you’re not familiar with them already.

We hope you’ve found this wireless invisible fence article useful, and if you need any further information about wireless electric dog fence before making your purchase please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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