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BarkWise Complete Ultimate Bark Control Review 2024

BarkWise Complete Review.


  • Uses vibration and sound for training purposes – Many pet parents are apprehensive about using a shock collar on their pups and with good reason. Most of us simply feel that this is a bit inhumane, especially with a young dog. The Barkwise Complete uses sonic preventative measures rather than an electric shock.
  • Offers the use of a remote control – Remote controls make life easier, right? You can use the remote to manually control the Barkwise Complete or you may set it to “automatic” in order to let the device work on its own.
  • Durable and water-resistant – If you have a feisty pup that enjoys vigorous play – even an occasional hop in the pool or a nearby lake – you don’t have to worry about the Barkwise Complete even if Fido does take a dip or plays in the mud.
  • Advanced Bark Recognition Technology – Some bark collars simply don’t work properly. One thing that makes the Barkwise Complete Collar a great product is its Advanced Bark Recognition Technology. The collar will not vibrate or use sonic training if Fido is scratching his neck or other activities that might jostle the collar.


  • Not appropriate for a puppy – Some dogs aren’t quite ready to accept training at a young age. This product uses ultrasonic sounds – sounds above the frequency that humans hear. At present, experts aren’t sure if – and how much – damage, if any, this could cause in puppy’s ears.
  • Battery life can decrease over time – The Barkwise Complete has a rechargeable battery that is charged much like you would a cell phone. That means, like a cell phone, the rechargeable battery may not hold a charge as the battery ages.

Let’s face it – some dog breeds bark more often than others. This is a natural thing for our furry pals, but, some circumstances demand that we teach our dogs to save barking for important times. A dog that is otherwise lovable but barks every time a leaf skips across the yard can be annoying to us, but, when pet parents live in apartment complexes or otherwise close-by neighbors, then a very verbal pup could cause problems. While pet parents loathe utilizing a shock collar, for some, it seems there is no other way to train Fido in his incessant barking. However, Barkwise Complete offers a completely shock-free collar that trains Fido to control verbal gymnastics with sound and vibration—it’s one of today’s best bark collars for dogs.

Features of BarkWise Complete

More training options than other collars

The Barkwise Complete Training Collar offers more options for teaching Fido that barking incessantly isn’t acceptable. You have options to use either sonic or vibration to carry out training. Plus, the Barkwise Complete Training Collar is NOT a shock collar. Users may also opt to use the automatic function or to use the remote control, which lets you choose when to emit the ultrasonic deterrent. Some dogs may not need the automatic function. Some pet parents relate that their dogs learn how to control their barking fairly quickly, even without wearing the collar!

Uses ultra-sonic sounds to deter barking

Many pet parents agree that a shock collar seems a little much for our beloved fur babies. Most dogs can be trained without the need for a shock collar. There are deterrent collars that utilize citronella as a means of training. While citronella isn’t harmful to dogs, pups with allergies or respiratory issues may have difficulty with these types of collars. The citronella could also be overwhelming for pet parents as well!

100 percent shock-free

Not to be repetitive, but pet parents can rest assured that the Barkwise Complete deterrent collar will not ever cause their pups any pain whatsoever. The vibration is not a shock, and most pet parents choose to use the ultrasonic option rather than the vibration.

Some pet parents have related that their dogs learned quickly, and, even if they didn’t wear the collar for a few days, they noticed a change in the dog’s level of barking.

Rechargeable battery

Let’s face it – rechargeable batteries are just a little easier than having to purchase a separate battery and replace the battery as needed. The rechargeable battery is much like that of a cell phone; you’ll charge it in the same way.

Durable and water-resistant

The Barkwise Complete deterrent collar is both durable and water-resistant. In fact, the Barkwise collar possesses a waterproof rating of IPX4. When it comes to durability, you’ll be surprised at the wear and tear Barkwise Complete can endure. Very active dogs won’t be able to tear up the collar. Your dog’s claws won’t damage the collar should he scratch his neck. Plus, it is durable for playtime in all types of situations.

Offers a remote control option

Some pet parents turn off the automatic feature and utilize the remote control option. You have several options on how you train the dog using the remote as well.

Offers consistent training

The automatic version of the Barkwise Complete deterrent collar offers consistent training.

Some pet parents alternate between the remote control and the automatic setting. For instance, one can turn off the automatic feature when at home and utilize the remote. However, if you have a dog that likes to bark when you’re away – and some do – then you can use the automatic feature so that training is consistent.

Easiest training collar to use

The Barkwise Complete collar really is one of the easiest deterrent collars to use. It isn’t harmful to Fido, and you can be confident in the training you provide your dog.

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Is This The Right Choice For You?

BarkWise Complete.

The Barkwise Complete Collar is the right choice for pet parents who have a dog that barks incessantly [1]. It is a great choice for pet parents who have a dog that barks a lot when the family is gone. It is also a great choice for pet parents living in close proximity to their neighbors.

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