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About The Pampered Pup

The Pampered Pup was created by people like you — folks who are obsessed with their dogs, and consider their pets to be an inseparable member of their family.

But if you’re a first-time dog owner, or if you’ve never owned a pup before but are thinking about bringing a dog into your home, don’t worry — we’ve also got you covered.

This is because we understand that choosing the right dog for you and your family can be an intimidating process, especially if you’re unfamiliar with all of the different dog breeds that are out there, or are not sure about what supplies, accessories, and food you’ll need to properly care for your new pet. We’ll educate you in all of those areas here at The Pampered Pup, where we’ll also teach you how to walk your dog, how to keep your pup clean, and teach you how to find the right veterinarian for your companion.

What You’ll Find at The Pampered Pup

We touched on it earlier, but let’s dive a little deeper into things you’ll find here on our website. Instead of visiting several different websites to get your dog information fix, we’ve designed The Pampered Pup so that you can get everything you need at one digital domain.

In terms of news stories, those charming human interest stories featuring “man’s best friend” that you just can’t get enough of — as well as more serious reportage involving dogs — are both regularly covered under our “News” heading.

Besides news items, we also publish lists and entertaining content like videos and photo galleries that focus on the fun side of being a dog lover.

The bulk of what we do here at The Pampered Pup, though, is educate our readers on both the basic aspects and finer points of dog ownership. If you’re new to the game, we’ll teach you how to feed, train, and exercise with your pet.

If you haven’t found a dog yet but are interested in bringing one into your life, we have articles that compare and contrast the various dog breeds. These articles are also well-suited for folks who have owned dogs for years who want to ensure that their next puppy is a good fit in their home.

Another thing that sets The Pampered Pup apart from other dog websites is our commitment to reviewing the newest dog products, treats, food, and supplies. That organic dog food you saw at the pet store that you’re thinking about trying? Check out our detailed dog food reviews to see which brand offers the best bang for your buck.

If you’re in the market for a new dog leash, dog treats, or the most fun dog toys, our comprehensive product reviews for those items will assist you in finding things that’ll allow you to make fun memories with your pet. And that’s what we’re really all about here at The Pampered Pup — providing you with information that’ll help you create those special moments with your dog that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.